Rafa Benitez on the dock

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Liverpool v Manchester United - Anfield

Dear Manchester United supporter,

I have a few questions for you, since your team looks set to storm the EPL overpowering a team, which according to me has done everything, it should not have done, the past one month.

For a start, I envy Rafa’s lawyer and pity his backers, supporters. For a person who has a costly squad, 3 players who will break into many world XIs, 3+ years of coaching at Anfield, huge fan base across the world and not short of money, why would the manager try his best to lose everything he has. Does he believe in destiny that Istanbul can keep happening every other day?

For a team which has been on top of EPL since the past one month, first time in ages, you would expect the team to do anything to grab to that spot. Instead
– Why does the coach talk of all off-field stuff, which would make the players start believing that yes, there are off field things which can decide a league – a distraction.
– Why does the coach tell the world, “we aren’t league contenders, we are just doing well”.

I can see where Ponting or Dhoni tell that they want their team to enjoy cricket and not worry about results – cause these are teams which have won matches/tournaments. It is a tactic used to take off unnecessary pressure and expectations off players. But Liverpool using same tactic…. ranked 4th placed team the past decade..?

Well if your boys are on top, the best way to keep their heart pumping and blood boiling is to tell them – we are championship material, we need to screw other teams and tell the world what we really are. Lets just increase the lead at the top. With Rafa’s new mantra there is every chance that even the boys start believing that they aren’t championship material.

Rafa has had two goalscorers – one a costly acquisition, who has barely started scoring, and another your top goal scorer who was injured and got ample rest– why are both warming benches vs minnow teams – is this a tactic to ensure they lose touch, further?

Why is Gerrard expected to get goals and hit the bar week in week out? Didn’t Rafa learn last year when Torres and Gerrard regularly saved him from getting sacked and a CL first round exit?

Why does Rafa’s team attack only from the middle, and expect Gerrard to do 70% of those runs?

Why doesn’t Benayoun start all matches when he is the only genuine winger in the squad? Or even Babel?

If Aston Villa and Wigan can reach the top 7 of the table just by beating the bottom half teams, why cant Rafa’s team do the same?

Under any other coach, Liverpool would have gained a lead by as much as 10 points atleast (a la Barcelona in La Liga), don’t you agree?’

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