Kaminey or just plain unsporting


In the aftermath of Nehru Cup loss to India, the comments made by the Syrian coach didn’t seem to have gone well with most Indian fans Haradona, a.k.a, Avijit Das Patnaik looks at the bright side of things…

Fajer Ibrahim, the Syrian coach felt, his team could have beaten India with seven players. He also felt that the West Asian nation should have won by four goals and that India are an ordinary team which hasn’t improved.

It’s interesting to know what Fajer had to tell his boys post the Nehru Cup 2009 final loss. Did he actually tell them that they deserved to win four nil? Or did he have to point out that twice Syria beat India in league matches (2007, 2009) only to go on and choke in the finals, both times.

That lightening doesn’t strike twice. That the team which won twice – sensed the opportunity better, grasped the occasion better, had more steel, more fire in their belly, better nerves, more hungrier and decisive.

Whatever he said, we respect his views and thank him for his views. Finally opposition coaches have started noticing India. That’s a lot better position to be in, than in the past, when opposition coaches wouldn’t take us seriously.

If Fajer Ibrahim’s comments in 2009 are a lot more upsetting, unsporting than his comments in 2007, be happy and proud about it – it means we are on the right path and need to upset many more such coaches.

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