Jamshedpur – Food for thought!

Jamshedpur in four words could be described as a ‘modern green safe village’ – and thats saying a lot, cause most tier 2 cities in India would struggle to get this tag too. Jampot, still doesn’t have multiplex or big malls; but does have everybody going to sleep by 11pm!!! Yet, there is something about Jampot which I miss the most – heavenly food at earthly low rates!! You can eat Chaat at Elco’s in Bandra (Mumbai) and spot half a dozen movie & tv actors, but,… you went for the Chaat, right? Despite Rs 70/- usme ‘woh baat nahi hai’.

Am listing my “Ocean’s Eleven” of Jamshedpur and its based on my last venture in 2008. Do keep in mind the search criteria, is “heavenly food at earthly low rates”

1. For CHANACHUR – Fakira used to dish out heavenly mixtures, but their sales were long overtaken (rather beaten badly) by Girish Chanachur, in Sakchi (near Narayan Kulfi). Compared to Fakira, the competitor product Girish Chanachur tastes less spicy, much less oily and has many more ingredients. Anytime you go there, there is a queue. SEX!

2. For EGG/CHICKEN ROLLS – The egg rolls at Regal were huge hits in the 80s-90s, but no more. One reason is the location, which shifted from an open area to more of a small alley. However for the best rolls on planet Earth (comparable to ones in Kolkata), visit Lakhi egg roll Centre in Sakchi near Basant Talkies. It has variety, good quantity, makes fresh stuff in more closed rooms (not open streets) and tastes world class. Try the kebab rolls there. SEX!

3. For CHAAT, RAJ KACHORIS – There are 2 wheeled cart stalls behind the Bistupur railway booking center. For the more hygiene conscious, the ones which Chappan Bhog serves in Bistupur are equally tasty. Also there is one such lane in Sakchi too – am not aware of the location. SEX!

4. For LITTI – My vote goes to a stall which stands outside Kamani Centre, near the Amar market gate. (Update 2017) The best stall now is at Sakchi just before the turning for the Gurudwara. GOD!

5. FOR FLUFFY IDLIS – In that part of the world used to be sold by a wheeled-cart stall near Keenan Stadium (would be 200mtrs from the Rusi Mody park down the road). The stock is so good that it gets over by noon; the best time is only at 730am and you will still be in queue. The dosas are good too. If you miss it, head for the safest bet, Anand. GOD!

6. For SWEETS/SINGHARAS (samosas for people not from Eastern India) – Nothing beats the D road place at Kagalnagar – dirt cheap, healthier and tastier! Its so good and known that it never bothered to name its shop! In case you miss it, your next best bet is the MISTI chain of sweet shops. SEX!

7. For VEG MEALS – Karnail Singh hotel in Sakchi, takes the vote. It is laced with right amount of spice, dirt cheap and great for take away for Naan, Chana, Paneer and Veg preparations. GOD!

8. For KULFI – Narayan Kulfi, has kept us cool and sweet for decades, they don’t need an introduction. SEX!

9. For JALEBI – Right opposite Narayan Kulfi is a stall which pans out jalebis which taste like nowhere else – dark orange, big in size, dripping and piping hot! GOD!

10. For CUTLETS – The Misti counter at Sakchi, 300m straight up from the Jubilee Park gate. Chicken Cutlet, Mutton Cutlet, Veg Cutlet – you name it, they have it. SEX!

11. For MASALA COLD DRINK – In age of Coke/Pepsi, where would this stand? On a hot humid day, drop by the stall at Bistupur petrol pump, opposite the post office. They mix the black and orange variety (Coke + Miranda for eg.), add few drops of lemon and a dash of their own dose of masala.

For readers who reached till this point, thanks a lot, you can go enjoy or can go nostalgic, but do keep adding (to this list)!!

SEX! – means Still Existing as of 2008
GOD! – means Go Discover if its still around

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