Ancelloti, Blues, Chelsea, Drogba …


A look at the nine month long EPL 2009-2010 season – Part 2

Chelsea’s biggest enemy in their title challenge – The bed! As if injuries to key players like Ashley Cole, Peter Cech, Michael Essien, Didier Drogba wasn’t enough to threaten Chelsea’s campaign, out came John Terry’s antics!

Lesson of the season – Tottenham finished above Manchester City despite getting hammered to United and Chelsea, twice each; and despite scoring six goals lesser than City – if you factor the 9-1 hammering of Wigan, it seems they scored far lesser. Trick was their water tight defense, which conceded far far lesser, vs the “other” teams.


See You In The Champions League Next Season

Nothing compares to a water tight defense – Manchester United’s mean defense conceded just 28 goals – less than half of what Everton conceded!

Surprisingly Clean – Stoke City and Blackburn Rovers have 14 and 13 clean sheets respectively. They are fifth and seventh in the clean sheets table. Arsenal is joint fifth with Stoke!

Draw masters – Stoke City top the list with 14 draws. Close behind them are three teams with 13 draws each – Manchester City, Everton and Aston Villa.

Champions of narrows wins – Birmingham city had 13 wins by a single goal margin, Tottenham Hotspur are second with 10 wins

We miss you – “Please come back – Christiano Ronaldo” – EPL needs your charismatic presence and bucket full of goals.

Contact Astrologer to change names – Three clubs may need to change names after finishing just above the relegation zone – Wolves, West Ham and Wigan!

Cry Baby – Ryan Shawcross, after his rash tackle on Aaron Ramsey. Shawcross was excellent for Stoke City till that point of the season, and was later discussed for all the wrong reasons.

Packed Houses (not to be confused with capacity) – Wolverhampton Wanderers fans lead this table with a 99.4% attendance through out the season. Arsenal at 99.1% are the only other team in the >99% category.

Flops of the season – With world cup around the corner and slots up for grabs there was belief that likes of Joe Cole, Theo Walcott would step up the gas. Alas!


Not A Star Performer This Year

Match of the season – Manchester United 4 – Manchester City 3; goals, controversies, talking points, points to prove… this had everything… almost seemed like a Milan derby!

Fortress breach of the season: Manchester City winning at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea’s first and only home loss for a long long long time…

David beat Goliath of the season: Leeds United beat Manchester United at Old Trafford in FA cup third round. It was Alex Ferguson‘s first defeat in the FA Cup third round as United manager and the first time ever his side had fallen to a lower division side in the competition. Portsmouth beating Tottenham Hotspur in the FA cup semis deserves a mention too.

The “What might have been” Trinity – The season would have been very different had Fernando Torres, Michael Essien and Robbie Van Persie remained fit for longer parts.

The “What might have been” Duo part 2 – The season would have been very different had Wayne Rooney, Didier Drogba remained injured for longer part!

Awesome moment of the season – The Jimmy Bullard orchestrated mid-pitch celebration; when Hull City equalized vs Manchester City. It was reminiscent of manager Phil Brown’s act of talking tough to the players mid pitch in the same ground, a year ago

Romantic moment of the season – Newcastle’s entry back into EPL 2010-2011.

Goodbye – Burnley, Hull City, Portsmouth….. and EPL 2009-2010

Welcome – Newcastle, West Bromich Albion …. And EPL 2010-2011



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