Musical Chairs – Manchester vs London!


Tips on IKTS for GW17

If you scored less than +115 in IKTS last week, you need to follow this blog; Incase you scored more, its time you wrote a blog too! I read Steve McMahon’s (ex-Liverpool midfielder) blog, early morning, and he strongly suggests that London will rule Manchester in footballing terms in the near future.

The league table today reads London, Manchester, London, Manchester, London in the top 5 places and its anybody’s guess who’ll call the shots this week.
A few pointers
– both the Manchester teams haven’t lost in last six games (United yet to lose the entire season)
– Chelsea, Arsenal and Totts have lost 3, 2 and 1 games respectively in the last six.
– Chelsea, Arsenal, United and Totts come from midweek Champions League action where all of them were stretched. Admittedly United had the most ‘B’ team playing at home, so their ‘A’ team should be fresher than the rest.

London Derby: Tottenham will attack (these days even Cardiff City ‘B’ team know they need to attack relentlessly to upset Chelsea!) and this match has goals. Totts struggle a bit in games immediately after their CL fixtures but they have fresh legs in Lennon, Defoe, Modric (who have taken their share of rest through injury). Chelsea were lucky to draw vs Everton last week. Malouda should have been sent off (any other league would have given him a straight red) for his onfield altercation. Chelsea may not be as lucky this week. Put your insurance on this one though, if Chelsea win a high scoring thriller, expect this game to be their turning point. 2-1.

Manchester United vs Nasri-nal: Arsenal have been better away from home, but doesn’t mean will be better at SAF’s home too. Nasri’s amazing form and goals make him the player of last week. If Arsenal gets past United, they will be firm favorites for finishing league leaders at Christmas – an important milestone in pursuit of the title. Arsenal will get out of the blocks fast, crisp and decisive; United may be scoring the goals, though. This is the time of the year, they start turning the screws. 2-1

West Ham vs Man City: Man City, like United, have started to turn the screws on. They are the clean sheet leaders. Bolton were an inform team whom they beat more comfortably than what the scoreline suggests. Mario Balotelli is generally ten seconds away from an outstanding goal or a direct red card. Take him at your own risk in Tevez’s absence; Yaya Toure is cheap and a medium term punt! West Ham will continued to defend deep, as they did vs Sunderland, and hence that gives City more room to pass the ball around and enjoy. 0-1.

Villa vs WBA: Gerard Houlier’s comments “If we had to lose 3-0, I would prefer to them since I like Liverpool” were not taken too kindly by the Villa supporters. Anything less than a win, will increase calls for his head. Villa are due for a win (just one home win in past six) by law of averages. Look out for an NCNB tip for future – Bannan. This match has goals. 3-2.

Everton vs Wigan: Put your banker bonus on this one. 2-0. Take Everton’s defenders.

Fulham vs Sunderland: Fulham are right at the bottom when it comes to form in last 2 months. They will be desperate to win this one and would be more adventurous. Will Sunderland turn the screws on? Or will Fulham continue to be the draw leaders? 2-2

Stoke City vs Blackpool: Blackpool are sliding down and Stoke have collected 11 points of their last 15. Jones is due to score. 2-0.

Newcastle vs Liverpool: A new coach has arrived to take charge of the castle. Nice time for the boys to impress, but not against Liverpool. The reds look a much better unit than the one which was avoiding relegation zone two months ago, better still, El Nino is back. 0-1.

Bolton vs Blackburn: Bolton will prevail and are due a win now. Blackburn are getting better and this is expected to be a tough encounter. 2-1.

Wolves vs Birmingham: Birmingham are poor travelers, Wolves don’t have any clean sheets and both teams are not known for scoring many. Agree with Ibracadabra (I almost agreed with him on all!), this one has only one scoreline written all over it. 1-1

Haradona’s tip: Don’t transfer too many players (and incur negative points). An extra wild card is due on 23rd Dec (expires on 27th Dec) and more importantly, snow can always play a role in either cancelling a match or making conditions too heavy for good football.



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