OUR EXPERIMENT WITH DESTINY – Part 1 – Home is where the Heart is!

Today we embarked on a dream to adopt an orphan; a dream which we pursued relentlessly past one year. A dream which starts just a day after a heavenly Euro-Russia vacation; a dream which gives a twist in our near perfect lives; a dream which starts without cent percent backing from our support structure and yet which was possible due to encouragement from few neighbors and close pals, some of whom have been just as excited.
Yet this is a dream which can haunt us if anything went wrong from here, as non-backers could blame this decision as the turning point of our lives. And there were ill signs enough. Every time the dream was set to start, we were hit back hard – by an embassy dishonouring their own letter, a flight missed due to unusual delay by another and then a flight delayed indefinitely.
In those tough times, I often wondered, Are we jinxed? Is this a step in the wrong direction? Yet we persisted and pursued, and welcomed home Prince today! And when he arrived, he arrived big time! 30 mins into our house he didnt even bother to turn back and wave properly to the foster caretakers – the ones who took care of him the past two and half years, or did they? This snub, spoke more.


Little Arushi has been super excited ever since. With two springs in her steps (normally she has one :-)) she played 12 hours non-stop, at times, taking liberty to bully him – 406103_4223064343229_677395475_nteaching ABCD, 1-10 or reading out a story he was least interested in!
Personally, I had a unique day – felt odd brushing his teeth (most of which lack whiteness due to inadequate care), felt worse washing his potty, felt curious at my failed attempt at toilet traning, but felt great bathing him! I did note that during shower, he was extremely scared and kept saying “hot, hot..” (one of the very few words he can utter)…. possibly an indication that hot shower water had hurt him before.

In between, we embarked on a temple visit, north Indian food and extended shopping – including his shoes, something we couldn’t buy in advance. The kids went to sleep around midnight as we got a chance to catch breath. 15 minutes later, we got up to do a routine check on their sleep and, ‘Bollywood’ style :-), pull the blanket to cover them. We didn’t need to, little Arushi had already done it.

img_8099 On returning back to the breather, Trisha struck gold. She said one way to beat the mental stress would be to go for a morning movie tomorrow. Empty hall would let the kids shout around and a movie show would give us the assurance, that life hasn’t changed much! It’s anybody’s guess if that can happen, as at the time of writing, it’s 5:30am and we are still chatting!
Today Prince looks gloomier, thinner, darker, sadder, minimal growth (than what we observed past six months) and carried 98degrees temp. My guess is in a fortnight, he will be happier, fairer, expressive and with bigger glow on his face – thanks to the two mothers attending him! They rock and they are my rock solid support!

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