Movie Review: ABCD2 – To Hip-Hop or Not?


At the time of writing, ABCD2 is already a hit with revenue accumulation of 75 crores INR. By Friday, it will surpass Ranveer-Priyanka-Anushka-Farhan-Pullmanter cruise (!) multi starrer ‘Dil Dhakadne Do’ and Deepika-Irrfan-Bachchan starrer ‘Piku’, to become the second highest grosser of 2015. All within eight days of its release. Here’s five reasons why the film deserves to be up there:

1) Dance Dance: On an average, Bollywood churns out one dance movie in two years; the trend started with the ‘King of Disco’ Mithun Chakraborty’s Disco Dancer in 1982. In that age, Bollywood dance wasn’t at par with global standards. Now it is. And nothing says entertainment better than some groovy dance moves.

2) Varun Dhawan: It’s not without reason that amongst new generation stars, Varun is fast rising as the biggest threat to Ranveer Singh. Clearly he has taken the elevator to success while his co-debutant in ‘Student of the year’, Siddharth Malhotra, is still climbing stairs. Varun was the best possible choice for this movie and as a dance hero he quickly enhances his CV which already had comic hero, youthful hero, action hero and romantic hero embedded in it. He shines, specially in the second half mixing patriotism with energy and getting the audience to root for his ‘Indian stunners’ dance troupe.

3) All’s well that ends well: ABCD2 starts on a yawn note, trying to be over melodramatic (excess use of word ‘cheater’), overtly funny (the dancer search ‘Odishan’) and overtly silly (convincing their Guru). However, the movie gets better, funnier and meaningful, with time. Some of the best scenes (non choreographed ones) come in the last hour. Specially the way the love triangle issue (between Varun, Shraddha and Lauren) is handled – lot of maturity and zero melodrama. Chick flick fans will be disappointed to know that Prabhu Deva’s romantic angles are given more airtime than the lead pair’s; and it’s just fine. So is a sneak view of one time Miss India/International Pooja Batra.

4) Surprise element: ABCD2 doesn’t have a fairy tale ending. Neither does it have a fairy tale starting – dealing with issues of a dance troupe who are caught cheating. The movie deals with imperfect people, who continue to make mistakes, and yet are willing to work hard to pursue a dream. The movie ends on a note (can’t disclose) which you will think is fair and realistic. Life isn’t always hunky dory, people aren’t always too. The trick is to always improvise in the right direction.

5) Packaging: The film has adequate flaws like weak story, boring first half, audience can’t make much emotional connect with the troupe for major part of the movie and lack of logic at various instances. But spectacular visuals, enchanting choreography, light moments for its intended audience, masala, drama and a competitive spirit makes it a high energy family entertainer. My kids loved the movie.

Verdict: Good watch!

Box office prediction: ABCD2 is a clear improvisation on ABCD in terms of content, style and star power. The former grossed 44 crores, this one will easily quadruple the former, considering there’s no major release till mid July. ABCD2 is all set to be the biggest grosser of the year, a big boost to Varun and Shraddha’s career, as well as to the franchise which left enough hints for making ABCD3!


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