Movie Review: Bajrangi Bhaijaan – Watch or Not – 5 Pointers!

Indian moviemaniacs are spoilt for choice the coming days with two mega blockbusters, Bahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan, all set to smash records.
Trivia: Did you know that the story writer of both the movies is V Vijayendra Prasad! Some coincidence.

Salman’s much anticipated return to good news, has excited movie goers and kept the cash registers busy. But is Bajrangi Bhaijaan worth your time and money? Here’s five factors to consider.

1) The Sallu charisma: Bhaijaan returns with his sixth Eid release (starting with Wanted in 2009) and each of them have been blockbusters. That Salman’s charisma pulled off duds like Bodyguard and Jai Ho speak volumes of how dearly he touches hearts of masses.

Snooty English speaking Indians cringe at him, but if a clueless average glossy flick like Bang Bang can make 200 crores, sure Sallu and his fans deserve more. If there is one guy whose entertains majority of the struggling class, gives laughter below their worried brows, gets them to clap their sweaty rough palms, it’s Salman. As Bajrangi he underplays himself equivalent to any 80s Hrishikesh Mukherjee movie character, which gives a new dimension to his style. Salman will earn a few new fans this month. The hallmark Sallu-ism stays only with his unique dance moves, which only the 90s Govinda or 2000s Sallu can pull off.

2) Breathtaking Cinematography: Director Kabir Khan’s fourth venture sticks to border issues, while keeping his pet subject, terrorism, away. His movies have been falling under ‘decent watch’ category without being excellent. That’s also sad reflection on his ability as despite good plotlines and cast, the movies never soar. BB would be his best work though the mediocrity is evident when in telling scenes (Girl gets separated) he isn’t able to evoke emotions, weak songs, uneven pace and Kareena (whose stocks are fast dwindling) is just kept as a fair ornament.

He makes up a lot with some par excellence cinematography – ice clad mountain ranges, lush greens fields, camels sleeping on deserts, Ganpati celebrations and comparing Pakistan landscape to Switzerland.

3) Simple family entertainer: Bajrangi Bhaijaan plotline has nothing more to offer, in terms of storyline, than what you already know. But it’s treatment as a simple family entertainer which gets crowd roaring throughout the movie, gets thumbs up. Presence of a cute child artist ensure kids will love too. BB shows the way how a light masala fun film can be made without use of sexual overtones and innuendoes.

4) Nawazuddin Siddique: Kabir had punted on this volcano of talent with a first meaty cameo in a commercial movie – New York. Since then, Nawazuddin has taken the stairs to stardom and intelligently picked variety of roles to prevent against getting type casted. In BB, he sets the screen ablaze as dominating character of the second half, packing punch, emotions and messages as a struggling journalist.

5) To Pakistan, with love: Since the turn of century some delightful Bollywood movies have seen heroes land in Pakistan – Gadar, D-Day, Filmistaan. Salman enters our neighbouring country with a never seen before attitude and that helps form the message – the system (rulers, media) loves hate more, but people love to love more.

Rating : 4/5 (averaged with friends). Must watch.

Box Office Prediction: It’s tough to guess whether the magnum opus Bahubali will eat into Bajrangi Bhaijaan or vice versa. Tickets for both are getting booked in advance even for midweek days at Singapore. At budget of 125 crores, it needs to gross 200 crores to be declared a super hit. It will surpass that … and more! 

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