Review: Ghayal Once Again

Sunny Deol returns as director and actor with sequel to his 1990 classic Ghayal (director : RajKumar Santoshi), promising a high octane action thriller with his ‘dhai kilo ka haath’. But is “Ghayal Once Again” worth your time, money, once again?
Here’s five factors to consider.

ActionDeols: 33yrs since his debut with Betaab, Sunny Deol keeps alive the last flickers from the famous Deol family. Ghayal Once Again seems a last ditch desperate attempt – take on a classic, take the director’s seat after 17 years (Dillagi – 1999), and lift Dharmendra productions after it peaked with Apne (2007) but went ‘paraye’ with Yamla Paglaa Deewana 2. At 58, Sunny has carried the trend of ‘one macho man army’ action movies for decades, and now with him it is fast fading away. His character, Ajay Mehra, runs a publication house called Satyakam – a subtle tribute to another Dharmendra classic.

Sunny Paaji: Sunny shines, in parts, in Ghayal Once Again but not enough to satiate fans who have

lived their youth in the 90s swearing by his action. I recall my college days, fist pumping and all attitude, everytime we walked out of hall after Ghatak, Ziddi, Border, Zor or Jeet. Sunny has given more landmark movies to Bollywood than often credited – Betaab, Arjun, Damini, Ghayal and Gadar would rival that of any of the Khans, aside his two national awards. In Ghayal Once Again, the first time he growls (with an effective monologue) we are well into the last hour of the movie, and while his punches still land hard, the audience will crave more of him.

Action scenes: Ghayal Once Again’s action scenes are at par with Hollywood’s best. Just the two
chase sequences (either side of the interval) are worth your ticket money. They make you squirm, uneasy and keep you at the edge of your seat. Shot very well, detailed and realistic – note the random person recording on the mobile but not coming to help. All along these sequences you root for Sunny to come in quick and hit back.

The script: What lets the movie down badly is the wafer thin script. Part of it ideated from another
classic ‘Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron’ and rest of it, hoping for the adrenaline pumping stuff, to make up. The script, after the first hour, has nothing to look forward to, too many loose ends, too many convenient conclusions, too many needless side plots, and it tests your patience during the elongated climax.

Freshness in scenes: An industrialist is shown to control entire machinery – ministers, police, IT depts etc, can hack any computer, or put people to spy on anyone. Possible? We don’t know. Sounds unrealistic! By hey don’t we say that the Ambanis & Tatas control our economy? The industrialist, Raj Bansal (not a patch on Balwant Rai), has a mansion eerily similar to one such industrialist’s house at Mumbai. Raj Bansal though, has genuine concerns and sleepless nights about his son’s growing temper. There are no heroines in this movie, limited songs, college kids shown to give everything to be on side of truth and our protagonist has some mental disorders related to his past, needing medication. So there is enough intent to be different.

Rating 2.5/5 (one time watch)

Box Office Prediction : Ghayal Once Again, made on 40 Crore budget, will surely be a hit and end around the 70-80 crore mark. It benefits from utter lack of competition – yes Sunny Deol will ring more cash registers than Sunny Leone this week – royal action scenes and nostalgia.

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