Suresh Raina ‘make runs’ logic

Suresh Raina make run Logic:

{When Stadium = Subcontinent;

AND format max overs <= 50;

AND Oppn pace bowlers = no good ;

AND Oppn spin bowlers = no quality;

AND nature of pitch = Flat;

AND pace of pitch = IF (Slow, not very slow, ok);

AND tournament =

       IF national = bilateral OR

       IF franchise = IPL;

AND score when come to bat > 50;

AND batting partner = Kohli OR Dhoni OR Rohit;

AND boundaries <80 metres;

AND state of ball is not equal to ‘new’;

AND height of ball reaching batting crease <=waist;

AND Oppn fielding = Average;

AND batting lives = catch dropped >=1;

AND days luck factor = high;}


(Ps: This is a humour post. No offence to anyone. Suresh Raina’s QF & SF innings won us WC 2011, amongst tonnes of other achievements)

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