Costa Del Soul Part 2: Gibraltar – 8 amazing observations

My last blog focused on how the Spanish authorities viewed an Indian passport amidst tight security checks post Brussels. Now, having settled and rested well we started day one with a trip to Gibraltar. Here’s eight amazing things we noticed today:

1. Are people suffering under British rule?

Gibraltar, a small town with 30K inhabitants, south of Spain, falls under British territory. So effectively we entered Great Britain for first time in our lives today! Gibraltar rock & Straits of Gibraltar is what geography taught us, but my daughter Arushi was more worried about her history lessons. She asked “If Gibraltar is under British rule, then are the people here also suffering and need to do a freedom movement, just like India 1947?”. Frankly I had no answers, just speculations to her question!  2. Gibraltar is visa free for Indian passports

For Indians with Schengen visa, you don’t need British visa to enter Gibraltar. So effectively it’s a visa free entry for Indians – thank you for whosoever government who agreed on this. Just filling a short form at immigration is enough for get one day visa entry.

Gibraltar immigration area – friendly officers!

3. Hindu gods & goddess idols at premium outlets

Gibraltar is tax free area so most people come here to shop high end brands. Even our tour was named ‘Gibraltar shopping’ ! The currency is British pounds. But what surprised us more was Indian (Hindu) gods and goddess idols also sold over some shops. Hinduism is ridiculed a lot for idol worship and most jokes are made around shapes of idols. But that being sold at premium pricing at a British territory, south of Spain, amidst high end brands, was pleasant surprise indeed.  4. No America in Great Britain

British territory means no one accepts Amex (American Express) cards! This is strange as on face of it world may perceive UK and USA to be close allies with similar thinking. What’s worse is the shopkeepers have been led to believe that they shouldn’t accept Amex cards as settlements will take 2 months time!!!!!! As a banker I can say that’s untrue.

5. Tail less apes that bite

Gibraltar rock, 430 meters, is infested with tail-less apes. Feeding them attracts £1000 fine, rightly. They are well fed, big, active, don’t think twice to jump over you to snatch food packets, jump and sit inside or over cable car and if you come too close or try to pick them, they bite! We saw all of these live!! That said the hundreds of apes pose for clicks, playful with each other and are worth a watch.

Just Posing
Tail less apes are stars of the show at Gibraltar!

6. Arranged marriage concept exists, that too in Britain.

While having the Britain famous fish and chips, we discovered that the table next to us had a family where the girl and boy were meeting for first time, with elders around and compatibility discussed. The mother proudly told the waitress that the couple met online a year ago and today meeting first time in person, to decide things ahead!!!
7. Flowers that look like yellow face with moustache and big black eyes!   8. Hot lady peeing on Main Street!

Morning 9am while our bus was picking up tourists from Marbella, we were shocked to find two ladies, extremely well (party) dressed. around corner of main street, with one pee-ing right there, and the other shielding! They weren’t drunk, nor out of mind, and our bus was standing right there to collect tourists. I was tempted to click a picture of the act but respected their privacy – out in the open streets!! The only logical explanation is 9am, malls and buildings were still closed and the ladies, in their mid twenties, neither could hold longer, nor had brains to find bushes, gardens or other alleys nearby. Peeing in open main street with leggins pulled down, skirts up, and no drain or anything other than a pillar nearby, only meant immaturity.
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the blog. Do look forward to Costa Del Soul Part 3.

6 thoughts on “Costa Del Soul Part 2: Gibraltar – 8 amazing observations

  1. impressed by Arushi’s question, her rich knowledge in history, ability to think, and compassion and care for people’s wellfare.

    the amex part is simply funny!


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