Costa Del Soul Part 3: Nerja & Frigiliana rival Santorini

After our Gibraltar sojourn (as detailed in my last blog), we took a days rest and then sat on tours to Nerja (pronounced locally as Ner-ha) and Frigiliana. The name Nerja stuck close to me for two reasons. A latest Bollywood hit movie (by almost the same name) Neerja tells the story of a young model flight attendant who got killed while saving lives during a flight hijack in the mid-1980s. The other reason was a recent dear friend whose late mom had the same name.

The pictures of Frigiliana promised similar to that of the much popular Santorini, in Greece. And Nerja had caves and lovely seafront to keep the kids engaged. Those were the reasons why I booked this tour which comes quite cheap. At the end of the day, must say, some of the breathtaking views make this a must visit tour when you are at Costa Del Sol.

The Nerja waterfront square welcomed our day and we reciprocated.

The brilliant shores 

Too bad, pretty ladies enslaved to technology ignoring nature

My daughter praying in Hindu style folded hands inside the Cathedral. Hinduism is one major religion which never bothers to shout out itself as superior nor does it bar Hindus from visiting other religious places or celebrating other religious festivals. In its ethos, Hinduism stands unique, liberal and encourages freedom of thought.

Nerja’s beautiful bylanes. The shopping options were cheap compared to most of Costa Del Sol and the dresses there had uniqueness in designs and quality. My kids act here like leaders of tour groups!

Nerja caves were discovered by five kids playing in 1959. It holds the world’s largest Stalagmite measuring 32 x 13 x 7 metres!

 Our kids though discovered a women ghost shaped stalagmite 😀 The caves have children’s play area to laze off after the buffet lunch.

 Frigiliana was friggin Santorini revisited!! The toy train takes us through some great sights.  Deep gorges by the city.

  The whitewashed village.

 And blue sky abounds.
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the blog. Do look forward to Costa Del Soul Part 4.

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