Costa Del Soul Part 4: Parque de Paloma

After enchanting trips to Nerja & Frigiliana we took a decision to cancel our Seville trip. Much as it looked beautiful in pictures, we weren’t sure the kids, amidst a three hour to and fro bus ride from our Costa Del Sol QVI hotel apartment, would appreciate the museums, castles or cathedrals the city had to showcase.   

Instead, long ago, during my research I had shortlisted Benalmadena coast and Parque De Paloma in our itinerary for a relaxing day. So we walked down to our bus stand, near our hotel, and right next to the black sand nudist beach – my kids had a field day overlooking!! Then we took the bus to Benalmadena and walked 10 mins to the Paloma park.

The beauty of this park right next to enchanting and expensive Costa Del Sol belt is that they have allowed a park to flourish so pretty and so vast. I could think of Mumbai, Shanghai or Hong Kong builders quickly demolishing it to build some skyscraper offices and residential buildings and be billionaires.

The park has no fencing so birds and animals strut around there on the face. The ducks walked with us, the healthy (delicious!) hens & roosters too, the pigeons were all over and the peacock was looking for shades. My kids decided to cast shadows of their fingers over the swans.

My kids loved the interaction with the rabbits. White, black and brown rabbits all over the park, willing to nibble apples from our hands. We sat down to observe a particular brown rabbit who was collecting twigs from all over and taking it to its burrow – possibly decorating his living room. It was fun chasing rabbits, waiting for them to come out of their homes and watching their cute movements.

The park also has a fantastic cactus garden, something we haven’t seen anywhere. Gigantic, twisted, beautiful cactus types.

Some cactus plants had flowers blooming too – a first for us.

The kids spent enough time around the plants touching each type of plant and its thorn sharpness.

Later walking beside the lake two things struck us. My son spotted a trapped tortoise amongst the rock and encouraged me to save it. We kept it safely in water (wasn’t much comfortable there) and then on land.

After a good three hours spent as we walked down the lush green slopes towards the lake, we were greeted with a magical view of pigeons sitting on a tree branch and line of tortoise sitting on the branch below. It seemed like pigeons on first floor, tortoise on ground floor of a building.

After our walk down the park, lazing, strolling, using the spotless clean washrooms, and having our paella & pizza lunch we moved back to hotel to take a well earned nap. The details of food and the detailed cheap, budget, fantastic food places of Costa Del Sol, I discovered, will put in another blog.

Thanks for reading. Do look forward to Costa Del Soul Part 5: Ronda city on the cliff

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