The week I finished top of Football predictions table 

Falling in love with Football sure has it’s own pleasures. Today I was happy to get mail from premier league predictions  and find myself ranked no.1 in last week’s EPL games. 

The results were unexpected, Leicester City moved closer to a dream title; while their London chasers – Tottenham Hotspurs and Arsenal – surprisingly drew games to lose way; yet my predictions were spot on.

An editor of the site has blogged about my profile and achievement too. “Playing in his first full season at PLP avijit_das_patna1 bags a first weekly winners medal after just 30 games. A brilliant set of predictions in an unpredictable week bring a stunning reward for this player, going even further than the 9th place he secured in game 23. He now has a real chance to break the season league table top 100 if he can bag a couple of more smashing scores like his recent 925 point haul, which left the rest of the field to eat his dust. Outstanding play!”

The above fills me with pride. Big time. Analysing teams, matches, leagues, tournaments, historical trends are my passion and often I chance with predicting the outcomes. As with any sports scoreline predictions, the probability of getting it right are low. Which explains why I have never bothered betting my hard earned money on predictions. Mathematical knowledge helped me determine that too!

However I have extensively blogged and shared my predictions. When they went wrong, I have been mocked, taunted; publicly on social media. That’s the risk one lives with. And days when my predictions have been spot on, people have forgotten on acknowledge.

Guess that’s how humans are – quick to bring down others, slow to appreciate or acknowledge. Hence, this small victory at this stage gives immense pleasure and reward to my faith and love for Football. 

My passion for the game continues, forever. I thank the website and my friend Preetha, who got me hooked to this game. Incidentally she is the only lady I know with whom I can talk Football!

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