Foodies Barcelona – Best Budget places to eat

By Avijit Das Patnaik.

After wonderful Costa Del Sol vacation, with my list of budget places to eat, we moved to Barcelona to complete my football pilgrimage. This was our second visit to this beautiful Catalan city and this time we stayed for a week – enough to compile down a list of budget places to eat, for foodies. Don’t believe it? Check the hidden gems i found at expensive Paris too!

I write on food to break some myths which readers (and friends) may have about food on vacations – that vegetarian food isn’t much available overseas, halal food is tough to get, that food at exotic locations has to be very expensive, and all types of food aren’t available in all locations!

Through my blogs I aim to filter and list only:

– multiple types of cuisines at single location

– great tasty food

– already has great reviews over trip advisor

– costs less than 10$ per person

– has vegetarian options

– halal mode of preparation (mostly)

– enough sightseeing/activity options around to spend full day

– absolute value for money

– good quantity serving

– and comfortable, decent ambience with clean toilets for refresh

It’s said great food can only enhance a happy mind. So here’s my list of next places to eat at Barcelona, on a budget with four types of cuisines in four joints.

Area – Nou Camp

Cuisine – Spanish 

Restaurant name – Tres Vilas, Carrer de Berlin

Nearby full day activity – Nou Camp stadium visit 

Being close to two weeks in Spain, we sampled enough of Paella, the famous Spanish dish, with global cult status. Our sampling ranged from 10 euros per plate to almost 30 euros per plate, but being a banker i have this habit of reaching an optimal point. Tres Vilas is a quaint bar cum restaurant (with a TV room underground for Sevilla FC & Barcelona FC fans to watch the game). Their seafood Paella is the best at Barcelona within 25 euros price for two. The quantity is actually enough for three to eat. They tell beforehand that since they make fresh, it will take them 40 mins to make. It’s worth the wait.

Best Seafood Paella at Tres Vilas Barcelona

While waiting for the paella we hogged on their exotic cod-fish with beans dish (big slice for 12 euros) and their homemade pudding (5 euros). All must eat dishes. This place is open till 12 midnight, so watch a game at Nou Camp (or the stadium tour of the best club team ever in football) and walk down to this place. A meal for four minus drinks would be around 40 euros well worth every penny, not really budget, but every bit the best!

cod fish with beans and home made pudding

After eating walk 100 meters towards the traffic lights and turn left to find tiny Doner Kebab outlet. Pack Lebanese kebabs from there for your next meal. Fresh, cheap and large serving portions.

Area – Sagrada Familia

Cuisine – Mexican

Restaurant name – La Taqueria

Nearby full day activity – Sagrada Familia

La Taqueria is a canteen style dingy place but always packed with advance reservations. If you are around the Sagrada Familia area and seeking fresh Mexican food, then La Taqueria is the place. Each of their dishes – quesadillas, burritos, tacos – are tasty, juicy and fresh. Even our kids loved it and we had to re-order some of the stuff. Do not expect fine dining environment and at 40 euros for four (inclusive home-made drinks), the prices isn’t exactly budget, but strongly recommended.

the soft cheesy La Taqueria experience!

Area – L’eixample – Sants

Cuisine –Italian Pizzas and Burgers

Restaurant name – Pizzeria Napoli, Carrer De Paris

Nearby full day activity – General roaming and admiring the architecture, parks. The restaurant is worth the price, taste and journey.

Now we are talking real budget stuff here! Pizzeria Napoli was our random find while exploring for real budget good food. Its run by couple of Indians from North Punjab – must say people who really know taste of good food! Their Italian dingy outlet gives food better than what Italians give. Hop in, take a table and check out their promotions. Two large pizzas with four canned drinks for 16 euros! That’s real budget.

thin base, thick toppings … pepperoni and tuna pizzas!

Since we had two kids we went for the two regular pizzas with two canned drinks offer at 13 euros! The pizza bases are thin, the toppings are charitable, juicy and extremely tasty. Our kids freaked out on their pizzas! And i suggest strongly to you too, and pack some too!

A good benchmark of good budget food is where local college students are flocking. And on top if the owners are Indian, Chinese or Thai, you know, they know, how to budget a budget!!

Area – Sagrada Familia

Cuisine – Indian, Nepalese

Restaurant name – Himali restaurant,

Nearby full day activity – Sagrada Familia

A short walk away from Sagrada Familia is the Himali Indian and Nepalese restaurant. The restaurant sells dishes at around 8 euros per main course and that comes with naans/rice free! Need anything else? We ordered two main course and one noodles, and had enough food on table to take something home. Remember Indian places are always largesse on quantity. So meal for four was around 24 euros, minus drinks.

the delicious mango chicken. the naan comes free!

If the above doesn’t entice you, i can assure they serve the best Indian and Nepalese food you can get there. Their chilly chicken was top class and so was the unique mango chicken, the taste of which i still recall.

nepalese chicken noodles (average) with yummy chilly chicken

Thanks for reading this. Hope it helps you. Do look forward to read my next blog on Foodies best budget places to eat Part 3: Baaangkok!

Bengali style aloo jhuri bhaja spotted at Barcelona as patata fries

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