Movie Recommendation: Pisaasu (Tamil)

What started as a random south Indian movie home viewing, Pisaasu, compelled me to blog and strongly recommend this gem of a movie. With no major releases (read: cinema hall visits) for some time now – think the last movie i saw was a horrible Fan – i was itching for some quality viewing.miskin-pisasu

Indian regional movies, more often than not, guarantee that quality. My last viewing, Killa, was an absolute gem and even in my list of best Indian movies of 2015, regional movies had significant presence.

Pisaasu (English : Devil) is a horror-thriller genre Tamil movie (released 2014) which has an unusual love story intertwined in between. In simple words, it’s a horror movie that makes you cry – an absolute unique selling point. Its IMDB rating of 7.8/10 got me interested, and after seeing it twice, in two days, i would rate it much higher.

Pisaasu is story of Siddharth who helps a lady accident victim be rushed to the hospital. The victim dies holding Siddharth’s hands and then, as a ghost, starts staying in his house. Siddharth notices strange happenings (his beer bottle opener vanishing, his room being super clean everyday he returns) and takes help of a tantrik (English : ghostbuster). But the ghost exposes the fraud tantric and saves Siddharth’s money. In all, the ghost is always trying to protect Siddharth, contrary to what our protagonist thinks.

Siddharth thinks if he can find the person who caused the hit-and-run accident, he could get the ghost rest in peace. What unravels are major twists and when Siddharth meets the victim’s surviving dad, it opens other aspects of human psychology. The dad assures Siddharth that his daughter is in love with the unknown person (Siddharth) who was desperate to save her life. But what follows (you need to see it the further twists) puts Siddharth in a major traumatic situation.


There is a real tear jerker scene where the dad encounters his daughter’s ghost and repeatedly urges her to come back to him. It enlightens the viewer that, as a father, you won’t mind even if your young, beautiful, lost daughter comes back to your life as a supernatural element. The scenes between the dad and his daughter’s ghost are one of the most memorable scenes you would have ever seen.

So too are the violin sounds, tugging the heart every time. Siddharth as an individual, although adequately wealthy, prefers sitting in a subway playing violin to blind beggars, so that they earn more. The opening song and its music is extremely heart piercing to go with the simple subway shots. You seldom find horror movies touch you so deep.

This one does and more. Am amazed how leading publications barely gave it 3/5 type ratings while the public ensured it made four times revenue, than its budget. Kudos to the director Mysskin for his superlative camera angles, actors Naga and Radharavi (dad’s role), the taut storyline, cinematography and music. This one is a must watch.

Rating: 4.5/5

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