Movie Recommendation: Sulemani Keeda (Hindi)

In Mumbai street lingo, Sulemani Keeda, means pain in the rear. This crisp 89 minute Indie genre movie showcases the ‘pain in the rear’ side of story of struggling Bollywood writers. Behind the showbiz, glitz and glamour, it’s an extremely difficult industry to set your foot into, while acting ‘happening dude’ all the time amidst tolerating long sermons from eccentrics of the industry. 

Sulemani Keeda Best Dialogues

Director Amit V Masukar has kept entertaining cameos by Mahesh Bhatt, Late Razak Khan (just passed away) and Anil Sharma (Director of Gadar) – each of them explaining their weird interpretation of ‘life’.

The desperation for success is so high that our protagonist writers, in one scene, are willing to narrate their script to the security guard in hope of getting an appointment with Yash Chopra! The film is filled with such gags, laughter and corny dialogues. 

The film also underlines how ‘long distance relationships’ are impractical and never work. In 1980s the theory wasn’t conclusive, but in this current age of instant messaging, social media presence and anytime video chat options, the theory has proved its strength.  

Aditi Vasudev in Sulemani Keeda
Great performances by Naveen Kasturia and Aditi Vasudev make this a compelling love story with a very unconventional ending. But the person who takes the cake (and eats it too) is Mayank Tewari. He stays etched well in the mind, long after the film, and so too does the excellent dialogues. 


Naveen Kasturi & Mayank Tewari

Here’s listing the best dialogues from Sulemani Keeda. Watch this light hearted fun film for sure.

 1. “Dekhiye bahut der ho chuki hai, it’s time to grow up!”

2, “Gaanja maangoge coke denge. Rishwat maangoge thok denge”

3. “Jo apne gale pe patta (ref: neck support) lagage ghumte hain, hum unke muh nahi lagte”

4. “Baap hai na tera, postman ki tarah tujhe money order bhejta rahta hai”

5. “Palang todo, kalam mat todo” 

Sulemani Keeda Best Dialogues
6. “Bheek maangna tera specialisation subject tha kya” – to a friend who constantly borrows money.

7. “Yeh 200 meter (camera) lens hai? To sau meter dekhne ke liye lens aadha kaatna padega?”

8. “Bete ko baap se hoshiyaar hona bahut zaroori hai, it’s an evolution theory. Hamare pardaade unke pardaadon se hoshiyaar nahi hote to aaj bhi him jungle-on me bhatak-te rahte”

9. “Jaam naam satya hai” – while raising a toast

My Rating : 3.5/5

IMDB Rating: 7.4/10

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  1. Great review. I liked the dialogues most in the film along with Naveen’s acting. I’ve also just started blogging at do give it a look!

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