Our Favourite Teacher Replies : Paul Mathew Speaks

Our Favourite teacher, Sir Paul Mathew, read the blog, which Satadal & I wrote, on seven reasons how his teaching style and influence have helped shape our outlook on life. He also read the subsequent comments from students, readers and well wishers.

Paul Sir, then replied back to all his fans, which can be called, yet another epic set of lines.

“Dear Students,

I am deeply grateful if I had given you’ll a lot more than the subject I taught. What you’ll have said has awakened a million lovely memories of those old Loyola days.
Let me give you’ll a few quick messages.

Pick up all religions and throw them in the dustbin. They have done nothing for us. They have killed more people than all the wars put together. Tragic to say it is still happening. What is the alternative to this monstrosity called religion? Your intellect. Use it. It will tell you we are on earth to love each other. We don’t need a holy book to tell us that.

The other great gift the Creator has given us is a beautifully designed body. Use it to work hard. Don’t damage it with too much liquor, tobacco and drugs.

Perhaps the Creator’s greatest gift to us is the ability to laugh. Laugh plentifully. A good laugh at the end of an exhausting day will bring energy back into your system.


A middle-aged Irishman, in love with his wife, said to his friend: My wife is an angel.

His friend, Donovan replied: You are lucky. Mine is still alive.


Paul Mathew.”

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