Reactions to Irrfan Khan’s comments on Islamic ways expose problems in Indian mindset

Irrfan Khan is India’s leading actor and only import to Hollywood, with series of key roles in many English flicks. He is respected globally and is the biggest ‘Khan’ of Bollywood for mature audiences.
Recently during a film promotion at Jaipur, he questioned the fasting routine during the holy Ramzan month, the degradation of Muharram festival, unwarranted sacrifice of animals as well as on the Muslims mass silence on terrorism.

You can read his exact words on

There’s no better actor in India than Irrfan Khan

Irrfan is one of the first leading Muslim citizens of the world’s largest secular democracy to come out and speak like this. Naturally, social media reacted to it very differently. Four sad aspects of humanity came out.

Four sad aspects of humanity

1. Too cowardly 

Social media literate pseudo seculars haven’t supported him. Neither has the media debated hard on the pros and cons behind his words. Each of which are key to our society. All your go green, stop animal killing activists also went into a shell. Simply speaking people are too ‘terrorised’ to speak, discuss or debate anything about Islam culture. This is where terrorists have won the battle, as well as the war.

2. Too Hypocrite

Nor did media or social media thrash him. Had some random fringe wing saffron guy said, they would been up in arms. The anti beef ban brigade also didn’t rear its head up to trash the Bollywood star. This is where the social media intellects and media personalities stature can be questioned. They act secular, they act liberal yet are anything but so.

When RSS frontman Mohan Bhagwat mentioned that all community based reservations should be removed, same intellectuals, without reading the details, went up in arms denouncing. They didn’t see the details while passing the judgement, didn’t see the words, didn’t see the man, didn’t see the party. They just assumed saffron and went on abusing. Media too.

The details, though, said Mohan Bhagwat was spot on. He batted for reservations, not based on community but, based on economic strata. Pure forward and fair thinking.


RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat was spot on reservations being based on economic strata than community based
Kudos Mohan Bhagwat for backing something which our intellects, secular and liberals fail to understand or speak out. Bhagwat recently also campaigned that saying ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ shouldn’t be made mandatory.

3. Too opportunistic

Irrfan Khan himself chose to speak out two weeks prior to release of his film Madaari. Infact he is speaking dot during it’s promotional events to evoke controversy. Dot the way Deepika Padukone times her feminist videos or Kalki Koechlin times her childhood pain videos.


Irrfan Khan needlessly created controversy alleging a fan made Kabali poster as copied from Madaari poster

Irrfan himself raked another storm this week questioning the Rajinikanth ‘Saar’ starrer Kabali poster to be a copy of Madaari’s poster. Turned out, it was a fan made poster. Either ways dragging ‘Saar’ into any controversy only helps increase publicity.


Deepika Padukone routinely releases feminism videos on eve of her movie releases. Many others like Kalki Koechlin are following that model
Bollywood has routinely started fooling masses with such stunts, which they mean little. The pioneer of this trend was Shahrukh Khan making a din of USA airport security checks prior to release of My Name is Khan. Or maybe the US authorities have spared checking him since. Lol!

4. Too convenient, too TRP driven

Media highlighted Irrfan’s Ramzan fasting point, but purposely didn’t highlight his point on “Why Muslims are silent against issue of terrorism”. None of the headlines screamed on that aspect. Why? Is it because the questioning of Ramzan fasting will get them more Muslim fans and questioning silence on terrorism, won’t. That seems the only reason.

As I write, terrorism has gripped and killing masses from Istanbul to Dhaka. All Muslim countries. Yet Muslims are silent. They allow their religion to be used loosely to convert an unemployed idiot to be a killing machine.

My views

A) Importance of Ramzan fasting

Ramzan fasting has its own benefits and is culturally unique. Many other communities too fast during their respective festivals. The Ramzan fasting is done for various reasons – from body detoxification to making a person regularly realise what a hungry, poor, unfortunate soul goes through the entire day. Which in itself is a process of making a person more humble and more levelled.

Hence, such practices and cultures should not be allowed to die. At the same time certain job or physical requirements may not make it feasible for an individual to fast. The key word here is individual. It should be left to the individual to decide. Neither forced, not banned.

B) The individual must stand up

The individual has choice on vegetarian and non vegetarian food and can decide what his festival celebrations could be. Anyone should be in a position to say ‘My muharram is vegetarian’ or ‘traditional’.

The individual must speak out against terrorism unless if they enjoy the consequences. Or be in a position to say being Islam is just not worth it.

Individually am eagerly awaiting Irrfan Khan’s Madaari!
C) Uniform Civil Code

The only good thing today was Indian Government taking first step towards a Uniform Civil Code. It’s a must. Community based incentives, taxes and reservations must be wiped out. Only economic strata should be criteria for any government dollops, subsidies or charges.

There is only one God, for all.

There is only one India, for all.


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