Best goal celebration images from Euro 2016

With just 107 goals scored over 50 games, Euro 2016 hasn’t really been as exciting as was anticipated. Just 2.14 goals per game (I know the France vs Portugal Final is still to be played) means one goal every 43 minutes. To give a comparison, Euro 2012 had 2.45 goals per game ie one goal every 37 minutes and World Cup 2014 had 2.67 goals per game ie one goal almost every 33 minutes!

However Euro 2016 is nearing its end as has given its fair share of happy and celebratory memories. Having visited Paris and its famous Parc Des Princess stadium, i can assure you the French love their football viewing and deserve every celebration from players.

Here’s my pick of best celebrations from Euro 2016:

7: The underachievers celebrating:

Alvaro Morata (Spain) vs Turkey, Luka Modric (Croatia) vs Czech Republic and Daniel Sturridge (England) vs Wales gave fleeting moments of happiness to their fans.

download (1)
Morata scores vs Turkey
Sturridge scores vs Wales
euro-2016-best-photos (1)
Modric scores vs Czech Republic
6. Punching above their weight:

The Irish teams (Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland) fared better than many big names. They celebrated hard too!

euro-2016-best-photos (4)
Northern Ireland players splash in the rain in celebration after scoring vs Ukraine
euro-2016-best-photos (7)
Republic of Ireland players bring down the roof after taking lead vs Italy in a must win group game
5. Thanks Buffon for the memories

Gianluigi Buffon, age 38 has no plans to retire from international football yet. He gave us one memorable image of Euro 2016 as his team dazzled us all, much against expectations.

euro-2016-best-photos (5)
This Gianluigi Buffon celebration, after Italy’s 2-0 win over Belgium, will remain etched in memory long
4. Won games, Won Hearts

The Welsh team won games and won hearts. Lead by Gareth Bale’s characteristic arms spread out celebration, they were neutrals favorites for long.

Gareth Bale trademark celebration
Gareth Bale makes is trademark pose
Ecstatic Wales have been every netural’s team of the tournament
3. The king leads all celebration

Football’s best celebration possibly comes from Cristiano Ronaldo. He has led a dogged Portuguese side to the finals of Euro 2016 – In the month when Lionel Messi announced his retirement! This is big masala coming up if CR7 were to lift the Euro 2016 trophy.

That aside, irrespective of his form or effect on oppostion, he hasn’t compromised on his celebrations. He celebrated hard every time he scored. When Ronaldo retires, football fans will miss one of the best players with grand celebratory moves. Football needs more characters like Ronaldo, forever.

Ronaldo ecstatic
euro-2016-best-photos (6)
The King always leads the celebrations
CR7 can never let go of his trademark Hulk pose celebration
2. Hosts have got the entire house rocking

France, after some unconvincing displays in group stages, have stormed past opponents in the knock outs of Euro 2016, scoring 9 goals in their R16, QF and SF games. They have got entire France rocking to their goals, knockouts and celebrations. Dimitri Payet lead the party from their opening day fixture

The French team were best in celebrations at Euro 2016
euro-2016-best-photos (2)
The French team were best in celebrations at Euro 2016

  1. Antoine Griezmann

Griezmann was inconsolable after his penalty miss in Champions League 2016 final, over a month ago. That seems like far off memory as the leading striker of Euro 2016, with six goals, has been outstanding. Considering the other star goalscorers of Euro 2016 – Bale, Ronaldo, Ozil, Perisic, Hazard- are attacking wingers or midfielders; it can be safely said Griezmann is the best striker in Europe currently. And his celebrations were unique. From the thumb-sucking, to the boot polish, to the rapper Drake’s song moves in “Hotline bling” to the simple arrow/slingshot mode; Antoine has been exciting to watch!

France v Republic of Ireland - EURO 2016 - Round of 16
The Antoine Griezmann sling shot move
The Antoine Griezmann thumb sucking celebration move
The Antoine Griezmann move inspired by rapper Drake’s song “Hotline Bling”
The Antoine Griezmann boot polish celebration move with help of Dimitri Payet!
Antoine Griezmann has given us the most memorable images of Euro 2016. Hope he lifts the Euro 2016 trophy come Sunday!


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