Watch Lionel Messi’s – 10 Virtually Impossible goals

The last 15 days have been the toughest in Lionel Messi’s career – outside injury phases.

Lost third consecutive final in three years, missed penalty to put team ahead, team mates downed him, referee took bad calls on his team, booked for diving, his commitment to country questioned, leadership questioned and retired shockingly. There was initial plead and petitions to recall him back but when Cristiano Ronaldo lifted the Euro 2016 cup, the slew of comparison, thumbing Messi down and questioning his greatness again started.

Perhaps it’s the best time to recall the mayhem he spread all over Football fields the past decade. Here’s collection of his 10 virtually impossible goals. Enjoy..

Note, they may not be the most important goals of his career – and there are plenty. But these are the impossible stuff – not toke pokes or opportunistic headers or tap ins. These are ‘nothing chances’ converted to goals to the dismay of opposition players, fans and even own fans. Most of them taking ball from halfline, checking out the 4-5-6 defenders in front of him, and the deciding to go for the impossible. Cause if anyone can, only the Messiah can!


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