OUR EXPERIMENT WITH DESTINY PART 4 – Watch Little Arushi’s 1 min speech inspiring parents to adopt

Watch little Arushi (all of 9yrs old) inspiring prospective parents to adopt kids and make this a better world to live in.

Held in May 2015, this was at a seminar organized by Indian High Commission and entrepreneur Sreyashi Sen, to guide prospective adoptive parents on the challenges ahead, the patience required, how the process moves and why the process has been kept long and cumbersome (to discourage illegal adoptions, trafficking etc).

I was one of the speakers at this event and before I started, I introduced to the crowd, ‘the lady’ who had stood firm behind our objective, understood us step by step, aided and eased our pains and was our biggest pillar of support. At this stage the crowd expected Trisha, my better half, to walk up. But were stunned to see little Arushi come up on stage.

She barely spoke for a minute, but got tears rolling down from many eyes. As i say, More power to the kids. Arushi has been the best child the world could give this earth, most close friends and neighbours see her as the ideal child. She was with us when even our relatives, parents et all doubted, got skeptical and questioned us. And all this she did when she was barely 5 yrs old!

You can also see our heart child Ishav, shyly, walking up during the speech!


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