Movie Review : Dishoom lacks the killer punch

Akshay Kumar cameo
If a movie is being talked about for Akshay Khanna’s standard brooding expression laced role and highlight of the two hours is Akshay Kumar’s gayish brief cameo, you can well conclude it has fallen short of expectations. The director’s debut venture (‘Desi Boyz’) was all about Bro-mance. Add Rohit Shetty style action (flying vehicles) and David Dhawan trademark cheesy one liners, you get Rohit Dhawan’s Dishoom.

Dishoom’s trailers had excited me a lot. It seemed cricket star captured meets buddy cop ‘Rush Hour’ meets masala thrill in Middle East desert (reminded of Akshay Kumar’s 2015 classic ‘Baby’). It had the perfect concoction to give the big masala hit of the year.

Decent first half

Dishoom starts well with lot thrown at the audience – star cricketer Viraj Sharma (bearded dashing opener will keep you guessing whether it’s Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli) kidnapped gets (Late) Jagmohan Dalmiya lookalike and Sushma Swaraj lookalike all busy. 

There’s host of ex cricketers in various roles (Mohinder Amarnath, Akash Chopra, Atul Wassan, Rameez Raja) and then there’s our beef, sorry mutton (beef is a taboo word in India now) factory, John Abraham, his scowl and coolness in smoking at no smoking areas (sorry, that’s not cool!) keeping us hooked. 

Varun Dhawan & John Abraham in orange chaddis – How did the media miss calling it Hindutva agenda? 

Enter Varun Dhawan and the movie starts to peak with Varun’s charm, comic timing, Lagaan & Wasseypur jokes and his ogle at Nargis Fakri’s assets. Problem is, it’s just halftime and the movie has already peaked. By now, the slow motion walks have tested patience, the ‘sau tarah ke’ background tune played hundred times and plot and logic taken back seat. Am surprised the orange chaddis was passed by the news media – How did they miss crying Hindutva agenda?

Disappointing second half

At this point you are left with Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez (on way to take the glam doll tag from Katrina Kaif) in a single dress throughout the movie and hope – that the second hour will unravel thrill, action and some mystery element. Nothing of that sort happens as even the hour starts looking long. Instead what you get are convenient coincidences – a stolen mobile phone, Google weather, a camera on a lost dog, the dog’s owner and a kid helping for free in a land where everyone asks for money. All of these helping reach the star cricketer. Simply put, our buddy cops didn’t need to do anything – all leads came walking to them as you wish you had walked out earlier.

Jacqueline Fernandez is on her way to take the tag ‘six sigma of looks, curves and bidy’ from Katrina Kaif

The bright spot

Varun Dhawan’s short career has promise written all over it. He is already counted at par with the Ranbir Kapoors (though not at par with the Ranveer Singhs) and he is barely eight movies old. In that short filmography, he has done comedies, dance based movie, action revenge saga and masala movies.

Varun’s Junaid character has the best lines and he delivers the laughs effortlessly. Recently on The Kapil Sharma Show, he expressed his awareness that kids formed big chunk of his followership base and hence he needs to be responsible with his acts. Varun is a delight, and kids and adults will look forward to his next venture.

Akshay Khanna in a negative role with the same expression he used to do movies before he went to hibernation

Rating : 2.5/5 (Good in parts, go with low expectations to enjoy more)

Box Office Prediction : Singapore saturday late night suburb show had 90% occupancy. The audience got a few laughs but Dhawan family and producers can only expect to laugh worth 50-70 crore revenue. That will just about break even the 55 crore budget and 15 crore marketing costs. But this won’t make them happy – this was a 300cr opportunity missed.

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