Welcome to the Cristiano Ronaldo Airport, stay at the Pestana CR7 Hotel!


Welcome to the Cristiano Ronaldo airport

Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be touching everything gold at the moment. In May 2016, he led his team to Champions League 2015-16 trophy. In July he led his team to Euro Nations trophy 2016. Following that triumph, few days ago, Miguel Albuquerque, the president of Madeira (where CR7 was born), has confirmed that the island’s main airport will be renamed the Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo airport.


The Madeira airport is one of the world’s toughest airports to land

The Madeira airport for long has been one of the most difficult airports to land in for flights as often they face cross winds, so fierce that they sway flights on the tarmac. Pilots will now be encountered with announcements of landing into the airport named after the worlds fiercest striker (Lionel Messi will have something to say about that, so too Suarez!).

Cristiano Ronaldo opens Pestana CR7
Cristiano Ronaldo at opening of the first of four Hotels as a partnership between the Pestana Hotel Group and Cristiano Ronaldo

Welcome to the Pestana CR7 hotel

Ronaldo already had a bronze statue, underwear range, museum, fragrance and movie named after him. Now alongside the airport he has opened his ‘first of many hotels’ at Funchal – in the same archipelago! The exclusive lifestyle hotel is named Pestana CR7. Decorated with false grass carpets, Cristiano jerseys, memorabilia and caricatures, travel press has already labelled it as “one of the worlds most egoistic hotels”!

The door knobs at Pestana CR7 hotel turns into a shake hands with CR7 experience

Ronaldo is the second footballer to have an airport named after him. The George Best airport at Belfast, 2006, was the first. There are other airports named after famous personalities – John Lennon airport (Liverpool), John Wayne airport (California) and Mother Teresa airport (Tirana, Albania).

The mega star in his private jet


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