Music Review: Opeth’s Sorceress title track is disappointing, sounds like Type O’Negative rehash

Death metal cum progressive rock band Opeth’s much awaited album Sorceress (meaning, a female witch) is all set to release globally on 30 September 2016. Two sets of fans have been eagerly awaiting its release.

I say two sets as ever since Opeth’s transformed from a death metal (growl vocals) band to a mellowed down progressive rock band, fans have split on their opinion of Opeth.

Opeth band
For the 26 year old band, their musical evolution and attempt to add new fans to their existing based has acted divisive instead. One set of fans expect Sorceress to be back to the roots, hard and heavy; whilst new fans are expecting an album as classical, meaningful and melodious as Blackwater Park, Damnation, Heritage and Pale Communion.

Listen to Sorceress title track (official video cum lyrics)

Opeth is primarily led by songwriter, lyricist, vocalist and guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt. His voice has gone through changes over the years (blame it on close to a decade of growl) and comes out reasonably weaker in Sorceress title track released earlier this week.

Gothic metal band of 90s Type O Negative
The lyrics remind me of the 1990s Gothic/Doom metal band Type O Negative. The music (slow & heavy) too. The video (unimaginative and same old doom stuff) too. Type O Negative flourished between 1989-2007 with limited success. Led by Peter Steele (lyricist, guitarist, vocalist, bassist) their songs of death and depression got them the nick name ‘The Drab four’ (a variation on Beatles ‘A Fab Four’). If you have listened to few Type O Negative hits, I won’t blame you for thinking Sorceress is right up that alley. And disappointing for a band (Opeth) who were churning masterpieces all too recently.

A typical Type O Negative explicit live concert poster
This song (maybe intentionally done) puzzles the eagerly awaiting fan whether their upcoming album will be more progressive rock, death metal or nowherehere or there. I just hope Opeth don’t disappoint. I plan to attend an Opeth concert within the next 12 months and hence the Sorceress tour (likely there will be one) better be fronted with a fascinating album.

And that’s possible only if the title track is amongst the weakest songs of that album. Very unlikely scenario!


I do realize that my dislike for Opeth Sorceress track (and not the album) is one of the rare negative reviews popping up on search engines page one. This update note is to clarify that Opeth are one of my favorite bands and i was close to watching them live at Barcelona 2 July 2016 at the Be Prog My Friend concert – unfortunately couldn’t make it. I have my own share of Opeth favorite songs including Windowpane, Burden, Deliverance, Bleak, In my time of need, To rid the disease, Hope leaves and the song which always makes me tearful- Harvest.


11 thoughts on “Music Review: Opeth’s Sorceress title track is disappointing, sounds like Type O’Negative rehash

  1. Your opinion is just an opinion, can’t expect everyone to feel the Sorceress is an instant classic, I think it to be so without s doubt and am eagerly awaiting the full release hoping it’s all stellar as the title track

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