Movie Recommendation : Amal is worth falling in love over and over again

Netflix has introduced me to whole lot of little known Indie movies. Amal is one such flick with the biggest heart. Amal is one such character with the biggest heart. 

Originally shot as a Canadian short film in 2004, it received so much applause that was remade as feature film in 2007, earning rave reviews and awards.

An auto rickshaw driver in Delhi, 2007, willing to ply only by meter in itself is an unbelievable phenomenon, bordering on fantasy. That the person is willing to stake his lifetime earnings on an orphan girl badly hurt by an accident, makes us wonder if he is ridiculously stupid.

Rupinder Nagra as Amal touches your heart

Fortunately such ‘ridiculously stupid’ people are whom we seek and want close to our lives. They are ones you can trust blindly and be reassured that God exists on earth, inside them. 

Actor Rupinder Nagra does full justice to the role of Amal, as a kindhearted autorickshaw driver. His sad face stays with you long after the movie. All along wishing he got more from life.

He actually did get. 

Koel Purie as a store owner with grey shades is very good

Eccentric billionaire G K Jayaram, played by Naseeruddin Shah, spent his last days combing the streets of Delhi, searching for that one honest man whom he could give his entire fortune than share with his good for nothing sons or corrupt business partner (Roshan Seth).

Jayaram’s dies and leaves Amal’s name as prime contender in his will. Lawyer Sapna Agarwal (Seema Biswas) sets his client’s sons and business partner to hunt for Amal, little knowing that Amal is her own son’s daily autorickshaw driver to school. A clear statement on how good, honest people are easily overlooked by society.

Amal, meanwhile, goes about his daily chores, maintaining his vehicle with utmost care and caring for passengers with soft spokeness. His daily customer, a local store owner Pooja (well performed by Koel Purie) one day loses her purse to a pickpocket small girl. Amal chases the girl and that run ends with the girl meeting with an accident.

Amal takes it upon himself to fund for the girl’s expensive operation, to the point of selling his autorickshaw. With little knowledge that a massive fortune is seeking him instead. Will he get the fortune? Will he accept it? What would he do? Would he ever be able to proclaim his weakness to Pooja? The answers would touch your heart; specially when you compare with how Jayaram’s sons and partner fight within themselves at various stages with own vested interests.

Aside the lead pair, Roshan Seth and Seema Biswas gives commendable performances. Director Richie Mehta paces the movie excellently at 101 minutes, the bylanes of Delhi are well captured and so too the rough moods all over Delhi. It’s amidst all this that Amal the character stands out as a mirage. Amal is a must see for the type of human being one may struggle to find in daily lives, but one, we will be willing to spend lifetime to find and befriend.

Rating: 4/5

IMDB viewers rating: 7.6/10

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