Killer Trailer: Watch Freaky Ali trailer make you laugh your guts out

Sultan Salman Khan, riding a wave of success, has a potential masterstroke in his hands – producer of an unconventional Freaky Ali! Unconventional I say, as audiences may take time accepting the volcano of talent, Nawazuddin Siddiqui as a regular masala movie hero. But with Bhai’s blessings, anything is possible. Once you view the trailer, the possibility of success rises.

Nawazuddin plays a cricketer by passion, gangster by profession who ends up being a golfer by chance. The trailer is bound to have you in splits as even in 2:31 minutes Nawaz bhai showcases the range of comic emotions he can enact at a time – whether as an arm-chair critic to a golfer who can’t put ‘ball in one hole’ or as a chaddi salesman!

Nawaz’s sidekick is Arbaaz Khan, love interest Amy Jackson and antagonist Jas Arora – freshness in cast and low-budget in it too! Rumours have it that the movie has been made on a single digit crore budget. Which means the likely hood of a super hit increases. If golfer Anirban Lahiri can get a medal at the on going Rio Olympics, then he would be the ideal brand ambassador for this movie, as craze of the nation then!

Even if someone convinces me that all best jokes of the movie are present in the trailer, i will still recommend a hall viewing. cause growing up in the by lanes of India, playing gully cricket, its imaginable that a cricketer should be able to swing a golf club with confidence – atleast more than what a footballer or swimmer may have! A good cricketer can be a good golfer, a good gangster cricketer can be an excellent winner; or at least Freaky Ali can be all! Awaiting the laughs!


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