Music Review: ‘Post American World’ Megadeth mid tempo rebirth

Recently Megadeth released official video of their song “Post American World” from their 15th and latest album, Dystopia. The video is extremely simplistic, low-budget and nothing new. However the song is a good mid-tempo metal number and gives a fair view of the album contents – to those who haven’t yet heard it.

The general view of thrash metal giant’s Dystopia (Global release Jan 2016) is that it sounds like the band re-born. rated it 3.5/5; rated it 8.5/10, liberally gave it full five stars.

The lyrics give the feeling that lead voclaist and guitarist Dave Mustaine must be running for Presidency (!) what with grimness and rant about the declining state of the world, all over the album. The song Post American World itself goes..

“We see each other through different eyes;

Segregating ourselves by class and size;

It’s me against you in everything that they do;

This planet’s become one big spinning disaster;

 If you don’t like where we’re going;

Then you won’t like what’s coming next”

Watch official video & listen to Megadeth’s “Post American World”:


Dave Mustaine, the 1983 reject from music’s greatest metal band ever, Metallica, has this time assembled a lineup that can play through his pain – Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro, Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler and founding bassist David Ellefson. The collaboration has been good and this has to be Megadeth’s one decent album in over two decades, aside United Abominations (2007); The group has rarely sounded tighter or more cutting this century. Hear the ‘Iron Maiden-esque’ guitars at 3:00min in the above song.


However this album still isnt close to their 1985-1995 albums, which offcourse define Megadeth’s golden period. But i reviewed this song for the sake of a band whose lead seemed fired up wanting the people to be more aware of the declining global situation.

The other good songs of Dystopia are ‘Death from Within’, ‘Fatal Illusion’, ‘Poisonous Shadows’, ‘Bullet to the Brain’, ‘Look Who’s Talking’, ‘Conquer or Die’ and ‘The Threat is Real’.













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