India B+ve: PM Modi I-Day speech facts, some numbers even better! 

In a strange fact check on claims made by PM Narendra Modi’s I-Day speech show he actually under-reported! The numbers are even better!!!

* Claim #1: Linked 700 million to Aadhar and direct benefits

Fact: 716.7 million Aadhar-linked beneficiaries through various schemes as on March 31, 2016. Under-reported!

* Claim #2: Solar energy grew by 116 per cent over one year

Fact: Growth of 95 per cent from 4 GW in June 2015 to 7.8 GW in June 2016. Unless there is drastic change between June to August this has been over-reported.

* Claim #3: Added 201 million people under JDY

Fact: More than 228 million bank accounts opened, 24 percent have no money. Under-reported!

* Claim #4 : Five million connections under Ujjwala LPG scheme

Fact: Applications cleared — 3.5 million, connections issed to 1.7 million households. Over-reported.

* Claim #5: Mudra yojna benefited 35 million families; 80 per cent women benefitted

Fact: In 2015-16, 34.8 million accounts received loans as of June; 79 per cent loans were for women, 18 per cent for SCs and 5 per cent for STs. Under-reported considering this is data of June.


* Claim #6: 3500 km rail lines commissioned in last 2 years by the NDA government.

Fact: 1983 km rail lines commissioned in 2014-15 and 1780 km in 2015-16. total 3763 km in 2 years. Clearly Under-reported!

* Claim #7: India most preferred destination for foreign direct investment.

Fact: India 10th in FDI by value in 2014 & 2015, says World investment report 2016. PM Modi may have meant the surge of India as an FDI value, however India aren’t most prefferred destination. Over-reported.

* Claim #8: Area under pulses sowing increased to 1.5 times normal in 2016.

Fact: 13 million hectares under pulses (Mid-Aug) in 2016; 1.4 times normal (mid-Aug) sowing on 9.3 million hectares.Over-reported!

* Claim #9: We are constructing 100kms rural roads per day, which was 55-77 km per day earlier.

Fact: BJP-led NA government has constructed 105 kms/day while it was 85 kms/day by Cong-led UPA govt.Under-reported!

* Claim #10: Out of 18000 un-electrified villages as per census 2011, we have now electrified 10,000 villages.

Fact: 9,481 villages have been electrifed as on June 30, 2016. Under-reported considering this is data of June.

The above shows that in six (out of ten) areas, the prime minister clearly under-reported the numbers. They are even better. This is refreshing in an age where politicians are known more for lies and made up data. Jai Hind.

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