Music Review: Watch Metallica headbang on a staple ‘Hardwired’ diet

Metallica are all set to release their first album in eight years. Death Magnetic (2008) was a great album, loved by one and all, and now their next album titled “Hardwired … To Self-Destruct” will release three months from today ie 18 Nov 2016. The album is expected to feature 80 minutes of heavy metal music, which means likely double album!

Metallica’s upcoming album will be released on 18 Nov 2016

First single with Official video

The band’s announcement earlier today came with release of the official video of the album title song – ‘Hardwired’. You may have an impression of ‘Hardwired’ to be a marquee song and representative of the album quality, but it’s not like that any more. ‘And Justice for all’ was second best song of the same titled album. ‘Ride the lightening’ was probably the best song of the same titled album, ditto for ‘Master of puppets’. But those were the 1980s, the band has followed no such trend since. (Update: scroll below to hear how Metallica would have played this same song in 80s)

Hardwired has a low-cost video – the only things you can make out are the lights synchronised with the drums, Lars Ulrich salivating tongue and James Hetfield’s aging skin over his stretched neck veins and chords. The group sure are aging.

Had Metallica sung Hardwired, a standard speed banger, in 1990s, it would have been a six-minute song. This time is just 3:19mins. A 1980s-90s Metallica song would have riffs over riffs over riffs during a song, this one more or less carries a standard riff throughout.

Watch Metallica’s ‘Hardwired’ official music video: 


That said the song is decent and more like a ‘Fight fire for fire’ like opening track, a precursor to better songs. If that’s the positioning then you can expect a good album. The sound also will remind you of an mellowed down Slayer, or rather what an aging Slayer song would sound! Personally I liked the last ten seconds the most and hence if the followup song (in the album) is a great one, it will enhance this number.

The lyrics are depressive and sounds like doomsday with chorus which goes ‘We’re so fucked; Shit outta luck; Hardwired to self-destruct’. There are statements on ‘planet burning’, ‘hope fading’ and ‘desperation’. The ‘Hardwired to self destruct’ could be a message on how we are all so gadget dependent (PokemonGo players anyone?) to the point of self destruct.

Irony says it all though – if not “hard-wired”, Metallica’s latest video wouldn’t have hit half million views globally within eight hours of release!

Metallica are sure aging!


[Verse 1]

In the name of desperation

In the name of wretched pain

In the name of all creation

Gone insane


We’re so fucked

Shit outta luck

Hardwired to self-destruct

[Verse 2]

On the way to paranoia

On the crooked borderline

On the way to great destroyer

Doom design


We’re so fucked

Shit outta luck

Hardwired to self-destruct

[Verse 3]

Once upon a planet burning

Once upon a flame

Once upon a fear returning

All in vain

Do you feel that hope is fading?

Do you comprehend?

Do you feel it terminating?

In the end


We’re so fucked

Shit outta luck

Hardwired to self-destruct

Hardwired to self-destruct





Someone heard my prayers and complied a youtube segment on how would Metallica’s Hardwired sound if they played it similar to their first five albums! Listen to this – it’s brilliant – and feel the difference.

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