Killer Trailer: Narcos Season 2 … best television series ever?

Narcos Season 2 has been much awaited after season one mesmerized one and all. Read detailed review of season one and why those ten magical episodes are a must see.


Who actually killed Pablo Escobar?

While season one showed the Medellin cartel boss Pablo Escobar’s growth and surrender over two decades, the big question in season two is to find who killed Pablo Escobar. Season two only concentrates on the last one and half years of the worlds biggest drug lord’s life.

Escobar had many enemies baying for his blood so everything came down to who got him first. While over the years the Search Bloc is credited with killing him on Dec 2 1993, in a rooftop shootout, the person who fired the final shot to Escobar’s head is still a mystery.

Narcos Season 2, Trailer 1

Narcos season 2, Trailer 2


As per the, “After his death, several family members claimed Escobar’s fatal shot was self-inflicted. Escobar’s son, Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, said his father always told him that if he ever found himself surrounded, he would shoot himself to avoid capture. The Escobar family even exhumed his corpse for DNA testing in 2006.

Narcos uses the real DEA agents Murphy and Javier Pena as show consultants to separate fact from fiction. “I just read Juan Pablo’s book,” Murphy told THR. “For him to stand back and say that his father committed suicide because he said this or that, it’s all bullshit. None of that is true. I think that’s just him trying to save the legacy of his family. I’ve got a real issue with that.”

Murphy knows who pulled the trigger, something he relayed for the creation of season two: “I was there. I’m the only American who was there that saw Pablo’s body.”
The Colombian police troops, including Murphy, posed for photos with Escobar’s bullet-riddled corpse, images that remain famous today.

“The reason I was smiling is because we knew, effective that moment, that every citizen in Colombia was safer, simply because one man died,” he said.”

Will Colombia end up safer? Will Narcos have a season 3? Must watch. 

Narcos is rated 8.9/10 in IMDB and 5/5 on Netflix.

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