Suarez & Pique play rock, scissor, paper and collection of FC Barcelona’s funniest training vidoes

Luis Suarez and Gerard Pique were found playing rock, scissors, paper on training ground recently. I instantly thought of sharing it with my little lovely daughter Arushi. But then thought, why not collect the best training videos of FC Barcelona and put it in my blog. This after all is behind the scenes fun of the world’s greatest club team ever and reason why I did a Football Pilgrimage 2016.

Watch Gerard Pique and Luis Suarez play rock, scissors, paper during training!

Watch FC Barcelona in training 10 funny moments video of Season 2015-16

Not without reason their South American contingent (Neymar, Suarez, Alves) and Gerard Pique feature in most of them. Watch out for the astonishing curling kicks Suarez and Pique take beyond the corner flag, and the last one  whats happens when a Barcelona player loses ball in training.

Watch FC Barcelona in training funny moments Season 2013-14

Watch Neymar’s football skills and games the Barcelona play on training grounds. Marc Batra seems to be enthusiastic and enjoying the most. I feel sad the club had to let him go.


Now watch the Barcelona team play a spectacular ‘rondo’ on training

Breath taking isn’t it?

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