Music Review: Slayer’s Pride In Prejudice is good music with utterly repulsive gore video

First things first, I couldn’t watch Slayer’s just released video beyond first couple of minutes. I removed display screen away from my eyes and only concentrated on the audio.

downloadPride in Prejudice, from Slayer’s 2015 released album Repentless is good music and strong lyrics. But am trying to make sense in need to release this gore fest, sinister, blood bath video. It continues the story from previous videos, after the prison riot of ‘Repentless’ and features actors who often play evil faces – Danny Trejo, Bill Moseley and AKA the Dad. Non stop slashing, blood spluttering, intestines pull out and relentless hitting take the viewer’s attention away from the song.

Watch Slayer’s latest music video ‘Pride and Prejudice’

The song is powerful, starts steady, clanks up gears, has a great guitar solo and Slayer look cool belting out same ferocity (of decade ago) in snowy mountains. The lyrics are hard hitting and quite contrary to what the video depicts. The lyrics are all about how people tired of civil unrest and abuse of power (by the powerful) believe in rebel and growing in numbers. But rebel doesn’t mean one needs to go around slashing people and splattering blood. That some of the recent video footage of people being slashed in orange suits (read: ISIS videos) does come to mind while watching this. There are many ways to rebel, many violent ways too, but killing mercilessly taking law in own hands isn’t the right message sent on this video, to any rebel.

Sample these lyrics… and enjoy the song!
“Pride in prejudice

Don’t give me that power bullshit

Pride in prejudice

One gunshot sets the precedence

Abuse of power, civil unrest

Money in blood is of no significance

Inner rage waiting to ignite

Blood of the innocent unites”

Repentless had climbed to no.4 in Billboard charts.


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