Movie Review: Pink is best movie of 2016

After a series of promising trailers, September 2016 for Bollywood maintained its ‘average’ status quo with Akira, Freaky Ali and Baar Baar Dekho. All that will be forgotten now as Pink, released today, is set to be one of the best movies of 2016 (if not ‘the best’) and one that will impact society long for the pertinent ‘women’s safety manual’ it raises.

Not since Damini, has any mainstream movie about gender equality, powerful families and known people turning rapists, hit the nerves so hard. Some off beat movies like Ugly, No one killed Jessica, NH10 made their statements.  But Pink surpasses them all. As media reviewer Mayank Shekhar hints, it’s the “Damini of the 21st century”. Pink sure is a tribute to Damini.


Take your kids to Pink

Pink has got a Pg13 certificate, and hence I urge parents to waste no time and take their teen daughters and sons straight to the movie halls. Even grown up ones too. They are the same daughters getting salivating gestures and ‘x ray eye’ looks at every corner, the pinch, the grope, the needless stalk and the lewd word. Done by the same sons. Till the time, sons don’t awake to respect, till the time daughters don’t learn to stand up, till the time sons realize a ‘no’ means a ‘no’, this nonsense will continue. We will sit hands folded, till the it all grows up to a criminal act. Pink tries to wake you up now.

In Pink’s trailer review I had detailed Shoojit Sircar’s short and brilliant filmography.He clearly is on his way to becoming India’s number one filmmaker. I had also detailed that based on director, Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury’s, past record, 2016 he is due to make a masterpiece. Pink is a masterpiece and its sad that Amitabh Bachchan needed to resort to trivial gimmicks to promote the film and urge audiences to come. He maybe right, cause Indians don’t move unless sentimental masala is dished to them.


This is a country where your daughter could be openly fighting four goons while hundred onlookers would be looking, mobile recording and making jokes about your girl’s character,  and ‘availability’ – based on her homecoming time and the drink she slurps. So you need to prepare her beforehand. Tell her that laughing too much with boys or having a drink with then could turn to serious consequences.

Your daughter’s story

She will likely be studying or working in a big city and living with flatmates; just like Tapsee Pannu, Kriti Kulhari and Andrea Tariang – all brilliant – stay in the movie. She will go for music concerts, she will be roaming late with friends, with short skirts, she will be facing adversity and she will need to self defend. In that she may injure someone. But for you the problem may have just begun. Tapsee Pannu essays the troubled girl role to brilliant effect. Watch her sob holding Bachchan’s arm, or her at court – she has given a lifetime performance.

Pink is all about the above. Incidents which are happening day in and out, not just in (much maligned) Delhi, but across India and all immature nations; where a girl’s dress defines how much respect the men will give him, if at all. In Pink the girls are lucky to have a retired lawyer (in Amitabh brilliant Bachchan) suffering from bipolar disorder, come to the rescue (almost as iconic Sunny Deol in Damini – the role remembered, less for its performance, but more for its rarity).


Perhaps Pink’s only weakness is lack of drama and dialogue baazi. Damini’s impact will be longer as it connects best with the audience. Sunny Deol and Amrish Puri’s clashes are unmatchable and even the finger pointing still etched in memory. Piyush Mishra has some wonderful scenes, probably out matching Bachchan, but doesn’t stay long after the movie. Bachchan’s dialogues did make the crowd giggle few times, but essence of this movie can be described in a scene when Bachchan’s bed ridden wife offers a simple biscuit packet to the three visiting girls – love and care.

Rating : 4/5 (Must watch in hall with your teen or bigger kids)

Box Office Prediction: Amitabh Bachchan is difference between this movie clocking 3cr or 30 cr in box office. Indians seldom encourage good movies and mostly queue up for the mediocre – that’s why they get more of the same. Pink has a low-budget, 30+ crores type and may just about surpass it – thanks to word of mouth. My guess it will hit the 40-50 core mark but is a movie which will keep questioning the mind for 400-500 days, or more.

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