Music Review: Prophets of Rage is ‘Rage against the Machine’ back in USA election year

First the good news; Rage against the Machine are back. With Zack de la Rocha out solo, the rest of the band members – Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk – have formed a new group called ‘Prophets of Rage’.

Then the better news; They have joined hands with rap protest music exponents – Cypress Hill’s B-Real and Public Enemy’s Chuck D, in forming this group with plans to share each other’s past music too. Their first video, self titled, is actually a 1988 Public enemy song which has been remixed with a gutsy video.


The best news is their decision to be back in the USA election year – to continue their quest and fight against the government and system. Their first couple of shows weren’t routine – they played at NORCO Penitentiary, protested at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and then played at Skid Row in L.A.

The video shot in these two locations display the power ‘Prophets of Rage’ promise to unleash on listeners. It’s a 5/5 video to watch if protest music is your thing. There’s lots of fist pumps, middle finger shown at the system, insanity they inspire in crowds, people urging others to listen to Prophets of Rage and even a leashed dog wanting to break free.

Watch Prophets of Rage’s first ever video which is self titled

The video starts with the prison siren and all along is head banging stuff. I never heard the Public Enemy original song but this one surely would have outdone it for the strong video and theme attached to it. The Rap metal group is back and promises to throw more fury and protest. They are already on a ‘Make America Rage Again Tour’. I say bring it on!


[Verse 1]
With vise, I hold the mic device
With force, I keep it away of course
And I’m keeping you from sleeping
And on stage I rage and I’m rolling
To the poor, I pour in on in metaphors
Not bluffing, it’s nothing that we ain’t did before
We played, you stayed
The points made you consider it
Done by the prophets of rage
(Power of the people say)
[Verse 2]
I roll with the punches so I survive
Try to rock cause it keeps the crowd alive
I’m not ballin’, I’m just callin’
But I’m past the days of yes y’allin’
Wa-wiggle round and round
I pump, you jump up
Hear my words my verbs and get juiced up (juiced up)
I been around a while
You can describe my sound
Clear the way for the prophets of rage
(Power of the people say)


[Verse 3]
I rang ya bell, can you tell I got feeling?
Just peace at least cause I want it
I want it so bad that I’m starving
I’m like Garvey, so you can see B?
It’s like that, I’m like Nat, leave me the hell alone
If you don’t think I’m a brother then check the chromosomes
Then check the stage, I declare it a new age
Get down for the prophets of rage
(Can you kick it like this?)

[Verse 4]
You back the track, you find we’re the quotable
You emulate, brothers, sisters, that’s beautiful
Follow a path of positivity you go
Some sing it or rap it or harmonize it through Go-Go
Little you know but very seldom I do party jams
About a plan, I’m considered the man
I’m the recordable but God made it affordable
I say it, you play it back in your car or even portable
(Sterio, sterio) Describes my scenario
Left or right, Black or White
They tell lies in the books that you’re readin’
It’s knowledge of yourself that you’re needin’
I’m like Vesey or Prosser, we have a reason why
To debate the hate that’s why we’re born to die
Mandela, cell dweller, Thatcher
You can tell her clear the way for the prophets of rage
(Power of the people you say)

[Verse 5]
It’s raw and keeping you on the floor
Its soul and keeping you in control
It’s part two cause I’m pumping what you’re used to
Until the whole Juice Crew gets me in my goose down
I do the rebel yell (and I’m the Duracell)
Call it plain insane, brothers causing me pain
When a brother’s a victim
And the sellers a dweller in a cage
(Yo, run the acapella G)
(Power of the people say)

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