Music Review: Gojira’s ‘The shooting star’ video is fascinating visuals with matured metal

Thanks to Facebook groups – specifically this fledgling, but high quality, group called ‘Rock/Metal Appreciation Society’, I have been introduced to Gojira very recently. Again, specifically by this Australian gentleman named Colin Flaherty.


That prompted me to listen to Gojira’s latest video release ‘The Shooting Star’ from their June 2016 released album Magma. Magma got extremely positive reviews and had overall average rating of 84/100.

Gojira was originally named as Godzilla till 2011 and are led by Duplantier brothers, Joe and Mario. Wikipedia describes Gojira “known for their environmentally themed lyrics and have gone from ‘utmost obscurity’ to being mentioned regularly ‘amongst the genre’s leading new millennium upstarts’.

Watch Gojira’s latest video release ‘The Shooting Star’


Gojira’s latest video has some stunning visuals, excellent camera work, graphics and extremely matured metal music. Their sound seems to be going through the metamorphosis which Opeth underwent from a thrash (growl) metal group to a soothing progressive rock band. The lyrics are matured too, although I really couldn’t decipher the consistent message they mean to say, but there was certain connection between emotions and environment. Of tigers dying, the need to stay alive in depleting environment conditions, avoiding darkness as day by day the light is reducing – probably hint to thickening ozone layer.

The song is heavy on drums and bass guitar, doesn’t have any significant guitar solo leading but overall the song gives a haunting feeling. The video too has a haunting effect – shows a person exploring the various parts of the universe and the environmental dangers coming. The music has a touch of goth metal too in its sound and you want it more of when it ends – despite the 5:46min length. This is a band to seriously look forward to. I love them for their messages also.



On the first light of the day you march on
Departure has arrived, don’t look back
Avoid the darkness, stay away, stay out of sight
Until you feel the blast of a shooting star

Following the spark like a rocket in the sky
Between the bear and the scorpion, getting close
Headed north, frozen land, where tigers go to die
Don’t fear the cold, it’ll numb your memories out

You are higher in the sky

Learn the skill to stay alive, survival
The city is so mean, you’re being watched
Reach the tunnel, light the torch, you’re on the hunt
Until the light calls you back into the wild

When you get to the other side please send a sign
It’ll fly through the atmosphere in time
And if you hold the truth within your hands
You won’t be sent back, through the rain, reborn

Everlasting love is ever-growing
Hang on to what you have and let it grow
Everlasting love is ever-dying
It’s in the past, you have to let it go

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