Best of Delhi, in a Day

Our trip this time criss crossed the country. From Kerala in extreme south to capital of the nation, Delhi, in the north. My Delhi itinerary had two objectives – VMF (Vacation to Meet Friends) and a historical sojourn for our daughter Arushi; so that she could relate better with her history lessons and her country’s rich heritage.

Most monuments at Delhi have no entrance fee for kids upto 15yrs. This has to be the only tourist city in the world with such largesse

Delhi cannot be covered in a day, not even in two. But here’s how we charted a path for an optimal ‘Delhi in a day’, including bit shopping at Chandni Chowk, food jewels of the city (will cover in separate blog) and ensure we start at 9am and retire by 6pm, so as not to stretch the kids.

My Friend Arun Agarwal Ji arranged for a car (a must) and our driver guide, Moti, charted the schedule – which I feel now is ideal. 

Incredible India, the numero uno country of the world

Sept-Oct is a good time to visit Delhi, just after the searing heat & just before the irritating winter foggy season. Choose a weekday and the intent behind 9am to 6pm outing is also to ensure we beat the peak traffic hours.

Since we were staying at Hauz Khas Village this is how our tour went on. If you staying in north of the city (where most hotels are) then your itinerary should be in the reverse. Else this itinerary is best for anyone staying in south or at Gurgaon. This schedule is best of best of Delhi. So for the ones missed out – Jama Masjid, Lodhi Gardens, Akshardham temple, Kalkaji Mandir, Kingdom of dreams – at least a day more is required.

1. Qutb Minar 

Beautiful tall structure, rich history and you can finish it within 20mins.

2. Lotus temple

Keep energy levels high, keep soaring always, drink tonnes of fluids at Delhi

This temple is religion neutral, has free entry, encourages all to sit and pray their own faith, no idol or book or ritual commercialised, no rules, has decent toilets, beautiful architecture with greenery around. Takes upto 30-40 mins.

3. Humayun’s Tomb

Our signature family pose

Brilliant structure, architecture marvel and one you need to admire for good 30mins time. The cover picture of this write up also features the majestic entrance door of Humayun’s tomb.

4. Rashtrapati Bhawan 

Awesome set of red sandstone structures. Being president’s house you can’t stay beyond 5-7 mins of photography. I must say globally has to be one of the most beautiful political enclaves. The car can then show the Parliament House by the ride. Ever since terrorist attack, a few years ago, tourist cars are prohibited from coming close or standing near Parliament House. But worth a view from the car.

5. Amar Jawan Jyoti (Armed forces memorial)

For respect. More respect. 10 mins stop.

6. India Gate

It’s like the Arc de Triumph you find in all major cities of the world. 10 mins stop.

7. Rajghat (Mahatma Gandhiji memorial)

The fire of truth still burns and the inscribed ‘Hey Ram’ reminds of a person’s famous last words. Toilets are there and so too an economical canteen. Worth spending 30mins in memorial and optional 30mins lunch/snacks. Free entrance.

8. Chandni Chowk

Must go place to experience the real India. Crowded streets, food alleys, street hawkers all falling over each other, traffic almost on standstill – the above am just understating. Spend an hour. Shop. Eat. Soak in the real India. Give yourself an hour plus.

9. Sishganj Gurudwara

Sikh temple where we decided to pray and buy Sikh bangles for the family to imbibe the Sikh never say die spirit – Arushi’s wish. We fulfilled it. Now we all have bangles for Sikh spirit. You won’t find a Sikh lazy person/beggar around the world! Not more than 10 mins stop.

10. Red Fort

Icing on the cake. Give 2hrs to it. Extreme rich history. Use the toilets as by now you would’ve gulped gallons of water, drinks, juices and lassi during the day. 

Hope the above helped. Enjoy Delhi.

19 thoughts on “Best of Delhi, in a Day

  1. My compliments to the cabbie Moti following this schedule covered all the major attractions there are , in South Delhi, Central Delhi and Old Delhi, in that order . But since you did go to Lotus Temple , Kalkaji temple is very close, and could have been covered in the trip of 28 September itself . Perhaps you may consider going to Hanuman Temple on Baba Kharak Singh Marg if you are able to get to Connaught Place in good time this evening [ 29 September ] post your return
    from Agra .

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