India: The future Superpower facts

A random Youtube video surfaced last month with Karolina Goswami (Polish girl working, settled and in love with India) presenting a case of how India are reclaiming their superpower status. Watch this video as she narrates how from 1947, when the British left India in tatters and in civil war, has India now grown to taking over famous British companies (Jaguar, Range Rover, Tetly, Corus) and an Indian company (TATA – unfortunately in the news these days for wrong reasons) become Great Britain’s biggest private sector employer, giving jobs to the British. I time this blog with India’s current game changing demonetization drive to assure people, we are heading towards gigantic status.

The video commentary highlights how the western media projects India vis-a-vis some real India facts:

  • Nuclear power India now has their own GPS system, developed by ISRO.
  • India, who have successfully executed space missions to moon and mars, is now helping countries like Singapore, Germany to launch their satellites as well.
  • India is one of the largest exporters of gems and jewelry, is the hub of precious and semi-precious stones and 95% of diamonds of the world are cut, polished and processed at Surat!
  • India are largest producer and consumer of spices. From Basmati rice to Alphonso mangoes, they export these to nearly every major country of the world. How many foreign products do Indians eat as an exotic food? Maybe Swiss chocolates and certain alcohol brands. For everything else India has their own world-class product

Watch video of how India is slowly on way to reclaiming their superpower status


  • India is worlds largest manufacturer of generic drugs. Cost of healthcare surgery in India is 1/10th of developed countries with same or better quality and success rates.
  • India is building future cities of the world with 100 smart cities. Over 5 million homes are being constructed in the NCR region as India prepare for biggest immigration of people from village to cities.


  • Delhi has 250Km of metro rail, and are adding few hundred more kms to make it one of the biggest rail networks in any city, close to Shanghai. All major cities are seeing metro constructions, and bullet trains to connect them, is also in progress. India is making mega infrastructure projects in other parts of the world too.
  • India’s automobile giant, Hero, is world’s largest manufacturer of two wheelers.
  • The Indian economy, still at second gear, is already world’s fastest growing economy, ahead of China.
  • India is the world’s largest IT sourcing destination – with 67% of the 130 billion USD coming to India.
  • India ranks third amongst global startup ecosystems with more than 4200 startups.
  • North East India has large stretches of pure and traditional organic farming which fertilizers and genetic seed modifications have fail to give.
  • India has world’s second largest cement industry, is big exporter of textiles – Pashmina to finest Silk- leather and marble.
  • And we aren’t talking about Indians who are CEOs or in top management of some of the worlds biggest organisations


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