Budget Travel tips for Bali, with family

The travel freak in me saw us at Delhi at start of October 2016 and at Bali at end of October 2016! Bali is a Hindu state within Indonesia extremely rich in nature, temples, rice fields, seanic seasides, cheap accommodation, great food, paintings, nicest people and service. Also now that it’s visa free for Indians (and many Asian nationalities) and that rubbish airport tax removed, THIS IS the time to visit Bali, repeatedly.

Bali has beauty of temples, farms, beaches, mountains and volcanos. Very very few destinations give all five in one!
I try to keep my recommendations at best possible deals in budget prices and serving family with young kids. So here goes for Bali.


If you are likely to spend more time in beach, watersports and lazing then touristy Nusa Dua is the best. The cheapest best hotel we discovered there was Ion Bali Benoa. At 35 SGD = 27 USD = 2000 INR per night you get a neat double  room, decent buffet breakfast with options for vegetarians, 7 mins walking from the beach & water sports, next to biggest hotel chains, amidst sea of outstanding economic restaurants (AtliChanya, Glaze, Bali Cardomom restaurants) and 24 hour supermarts.

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We took two rooms interconnecting and kids loved the modern colourful decor, slight ocean view and dipping into the pool – See slideshow above. Alternately there are great Budget hotels in Kuta (Febris chain) if you looking for more fun, city, shopping options and in Ubud if you looking to stay near rice fields.

This giant store, unbelievably, is the place for souvenir shopping at cheapest rates and only the best guides will take you there who dont have commercial tie ups.
Tour guide

Bali doesn’t have much public transport and best is to hire car with or without driver. Our tour friend has always been Mayun (In Bali Travel) and whomsoever I recommended with him has come back happy. Bali is filled with nice drivers but Mayun is non fussy and very flexible. Charges 45USD = 60 SGD = 3000INR for whole day sightseeing (won’t mind if 8-9 hrs becomes 10-11hrs) and willing to drive back to hotel for kids to sleep at noon, then restart. Also his recommended restaurants are budget classy finds and he took us to massive wholesale gifts shopping outlet where only Indonesian tourist and locals shop. Outside tourists have no clue.

Trust Mayun to be flexible, non interfering and give good outing at budget prices. I normally get him to arrange for entire day tour including buy entrance tickets and water sports options. If you walk into a water sports outlet they will fleece you – average they will charge 50 USD per ride – whilst Mayun got us for less than half the price at semi peak season.

Currency Exchange

Bali has nicest people with the fraudest money changers. The more impossible rate they commit, the more likely they are to cheat right in front of your eyes. Go only for decent money changers. And count your money immediately after any transaction is done, right in front of the guy. Important.


Our flying fish experience at Nusa Dua
Keep watersports, beach and souvenirs shopping for one day. The other day this is the suggested itinerary on what to do, what not to do. Essentially if you cover these six spots below, you would have seen best of Bali within a day.

1. Kintamani volcano – visit the volcano but don’t opt for the standard lunch there.

2. Gunung Kawi temple – From the volcano head straight to Gunung Kawi temple. Here you get fun of a temple as well as touch by the sprawling rice fields. This means you don’t need to see rice terraces separately – which are normally from a distance. Gunung Kawi temple is cheap, non touristy, serene but has some 15 mins of steps descending and ascending – aged people or people with disable issues do note. Internet will tell you to visit the excess touristy Besakih temple where almost everyone asks you for money and spoils experience. Avoid that temple. Go for Gunung Kawi temple and get rice fields experience even close.

3. Hot springs temple

4. Lunch at Bale Udang Mang EngKing restaurant Ubud. Must experience. Lunch for four with mocktails, desert and seafood will barely cost 500K IDR = 60 SGD = 45 USD. And by the rice fields inside stylish gazebos. We ordered full fish, tom yam seafood soup inside a giant coconut, four stylo drinks, one vegetable and one egg plant crispy starters and bill was 20% lesser than the amount I mentioned above.

5. Desa Pengalipuran and Bamboo forest – Its a traditional village scene coupled with walking through bamboo forests. The village part is unique, the bamboo forest part even more so.

6. Uluwatu temple and the brilliant cliff views overlooking the ocean. Avoid turtle island Nusa Dua it’s not worth your time or money and reviews are very poor.

7. Tanah Lot temple for sunset and then back to hotel. Each of the above are must visit places.

Once you are back you may just feel like going for some healthcare options. Balinese spa and massages are good. We went for fish spa though.

Thanks for reading my blog. I can assure you, for budget travellers who seek better value than the money they pay, these tips would be the best. Imagine, the blog above covered sightseeing in one day with all points from temples to cliffs by the ocean to volcano to lunch by rice fields all in a day.

So enjoy Bali, enjoy life. Do not over stress in life. Your job is a transaction for the service you give and money you get. Don’t make that your life. Your life is with the people who love and respect you, be around you! Always laughing together. In 2017 we laughed together at Kerala, at Delhi, at Singapore, at Costa Del Sol, at Paris, at Barcelona, at Bangkok, at Gibraltar. You must too.

Make life a ‘one big vacation’!


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