Movie Recommendation: The Violin Player leaves an everlasting impression

The Violin Player is a 72 minute Hindi movie extremely detailed, slow and yet when it ends, you will realise it couldn’t have been better. And demands a second viewing; and not just for its scintillating violin tracks. Powerhouse actor Ritwick Chakraborty (watch him in Bengali flick Shobdo) is a struggling violin player who lives on grocery store credits. One day at Goregaon railway station he meets a stranger (Adil Hussain) who offers him an unbelievable sum for one violin session. One session to be recorded for his movie, but not a single retake allowed. What comes after keeps shocking you till the end.

Since it’s a short movie, I will keep my review short. There will be times when your patience gets tested watching this flick. Did we need to see for ten long minutes the stranger staring at our protagonist at railway station? Or reading a newspaper at home? Or walking down the shady alleys and dilapidated buildings to visit a movie studio? 

However once the movie ends, you want to rewind and see some of those parts again. Not to mention Ritwick’s stellar performance. Even while avoiding the looks of a stranger or aiming to kill a cockroach or being stunned at his recording session, you will find a lot of you in this movie. 

The Violin Player is doing the film festival rounds currently and getting recognition. It’s a must see movie and likely the concept will be copied by commercial cinema in near future.  It’s art house cinema at its best. It’s violin music at its best. The movie ends with a fantastic quote.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. – Pablo Picasso

My Rating: 3.5/5

IMDB viewers rating:7.5/10

The Violin Player is available in Netflix Singapore.

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