Football Pilgrimage 2017 Part 2: Happy to be a bachelor boy

After the extensive planning, we are now all set to embark on a bachelor trip cum Football Pilgrimage to cheer for our favourite club FC Barcelona. We will cover two games of Luis Enrique’s team, visit the south France Midi-Pyrenees region and round off the experience with a visit to Ajax Amsterdam football club. Personally this is my second pilgrimage after an astounding experience in 2016, where I ended up watching live half of the world’s top ranked 90 footballers.

The itinerary this time will be shorter, but no less the excitement.

The packing gotta start but ManCity will be missed!

Day 1 – Set off for Barcelona on a ‘Good Friday’ by a reputed Emirates Airlines.

Day 2 – Sightsee the famous Sagrada Familia, look for customized Barcelona jerseys, visit Montujic, Parc Guell and round off the evening at Nou Camp. Barcelona vs Real Sociedad should be a must win game for the Catalans, in bid to stay alive in the La Liga title race.


Day 3 – Take bus to French City Toulouse, Visit the Airbus factory and City of Space theme park.

We will hike over the Pyrenees after riding over this funicular!
Day 4 – Drive down and admire this astounding town of Lourdes and hike on the Midi-Pyrenees.

Day 5 – Take bus back to Barcelona and visit the La Rambla street.

La Rambla street, Barcelona. Always alive.
Day 6 – Visit the Santa Maria De Montserrat and then return to watch the breathtaking Barcelona vs Juventus UEFA Champions League return leg encounter. This has to be highlight of our trip, win or lose. Sadly the tickets, for three sitting together, are so high priced that we will opt for sitting apart but lower price tickets. It’s strange how much money the world has (read: is spending) dot at a time when markets are down, unemployment is high and Europe is reeling under financial crisis!


Day 7 – Take flight to Amsterdam, visit the canals, the Ajax Amsterdam Arena tour, Best of Van Gogh’s paintings and De Wallen.

Amsterdam would be last leg of our visit
Day 8 – Return to Singapore with the reputed Emirates Airlines.

Total damage:

Expected to be less than 3500 SGD = less than 250 USD = less than 1.75 lacs INR. In that we touch three countries (cultures), watch two home games of FC Barcelona, visit two of the world’s must-see-cities and a week of bachelorhood. Deal?

Just can’t wait for the days to go by.

Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Pique – We are coming for you.

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