R.I.P. Chris Cornell: Best 20 songs with videos

One of the premier architects of the 1990s grunge movement, Chris Cornell, breathed his last today at age of 52. In a recent time span that lost David Bowie, George Michael and Leonard Cohen, Chris’s untimely demise adds to the massive music vacuum, throws memories back to our growing days and the music that spurred to mature faster.


His departure leaves a ‘Black Hole Sun’ on earth today. A set of vocal chords that will be remembered eternally. Here’s my choice of the best twenty songs of the former songwriter and lead vocalist of Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden and Audioslave. Most of these songs will remain unmatched in the history of music.

20. Revelations (2006)

19. You know my Name (2007)

18. I am the Highway (2011)

17. Jesus Christ Pose (1991)

16. Say Hello to Heaven (1991)

15. Nearly Forgot my Broken Heart (2015)

14. Blow up the Outside World (1996)

13. Spoonman (1994)

12. Show me how to live (2002)

11. Be Yourself (2005)

10. Burden in my Hand (1996)

9. Birth Ritual (1992)

8. Hunger Strike (1991)

7. The Day I tried to Live (1994)

6. Fell on Black Days (1995)

5. Pretty Noose (1996)

4. Can’t Change me (1999)

3. Billie Jean remix – Michael Jackson Original (2006)

2. Like a Stone (2003)

  1. Black Hole Sun (1994)


Rest in Peace, Chris.



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