Singapore Must Go Event: Children’s Biennale 2017

While Singapore is perceived as (and in truth is) a very expensive city, it also has more than its fair share of events which are not so expensive. Forget tourists, it pains me even when locals aren’t  able to find out the numerous free shows, music concerts, exhibitions, activities and events happening over the island city.  Hence I thought of starting a blog series of must visit events in Singapore. I will try to recommend stuff which encourage family bonding, friends bonding, high on creativity, human interaction and off course which have either free entry or very affordable to visit. This is my first recommendation, a place where my kids enjoyed most and promise to go back again. Do look for the notes and tips between the photographs.

Category: Family bonding, friends bonding, kids creativity and fun.

Name of event: Children’s Biennale 2017

What is it: Kids interactive arts exhibition.

Where is it: National Gallery Singapore, 1 St. Andrews Road, 178957.

How much time to spend: Minimum two hours, optimal three hrs and can enjoy upto five hours too.

Mess Factor: Nil. Your kids dresses won’t get dirty.

Big catch: Free for Permanent Residents (PR) and Singapore Citizens (SC). 20$ entry fee otherwise. If you aren’t a PR/SC, tag along with a PR/SC family.

Kids age range suitability: 5yrs to 13yrs. For boys and girls.

Kids rating: 5/5

Exhibition dates: 20th May 2017 to 8th Oct 2017. Go now before the rush sets in!

Exhibition hours: 10am to 7pm daily. Closes 10pm on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays.

Food cafeteria inside: Yes.

What kids can do there, that they can’t do at home: 

– Stick stickers all over walls.

– Walking on a glass floor with illusion (as if you are walking on extremely high tower)

– Tap balls in a room and entire room changes colour.

– Create a big drawing with stamps (stamps of rivers, mountains, roads etc there) and then colour the drawing

– Use foam to make different shapes.

– Fun with cardboard cones and magnets 

– Running around a paper jungle 

Lots more…

Credits: Photography and event details, Aditi Das Patnaik.

Event Link:

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