Movie Review: Despicable Me 3 is only Minions on a fun spree

If the Lion King’s scene where Simba’s dad is killed (tears roll always) got me attracted to cartoon movies, then Despicable Me’s adoption concept (that too by weirdo villain Gru) made me wholly appreciate the depth of Hollywood animation movies.

The franchise has run its course 

I enter every cartoon movie with lofty expectations hoping it rubs off some emotional thoughts to the next generation. Zootopia & Storksin recent timesscored high on those counts but sadly, Despicable Me 3, fails. Gru meets his twin brother Dru and refuses to go back to his family tradition of villainous ways. That’s the wafer thin script.

The story telling is inconsistent, the strengths of the movie (minion antics or the dance fights by evil Bratt) are few and far between, good new music is absent (Recall: Am having a bad bad day!), cuteness is limited and what’s left to see is how a dismissed pair of agents, Gru & Lucy, stop Bratt’s revenge mission of destroying Hollywood.

Bratt good, but not as good as Vector

That’s not to say Despicable Me 3 is totally unwatchable. Led by Bratt, his awesome dance moves to 1980s nostalgia music (a-ha, Michael Jackson, Dire Straits) and backed up by the minions non stop antics, the movie is a fun ride in parts. It starts decent and ends decent, it’s the middle third of the movie which bores you.

Minion Power

The audience were in splits when the minions were enjoying a jail stint – bullying jail mates, etching banana tattoos and manufacturing a makeshift plane using washing machines and other domestic items. Everytime your interest wanes, the sight of minions on screen, raises your hopes.

I wish the makers kept a better storyline for long term memory. At one point, it seems directors Pierre Coffin & Kyle Balda, realising the thin content, put a lame adult joke of Gru’s oldie mother coming out of the pool with two hunk men who were ‘pleasing’ her. It was silly.

Really, no use minting money on franchises (and milking off its merchandise products) if the product has to be dependant on Minion fart jokes and can’t be remembered down the years. This franchise has run its course. Watch only because there hasn’t been any decent movie to watch since Baahubali 2.

: 3/5 (Averaged with my family members)

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