Movie Review: Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-man gives a warm Homecoming 

Back in 1980’s, aside He-man, Spider-man was the only english speaking on-screen global hero we grew up with. I would wait the entire week only for Sunday 5:15pm to gaze at the National television channel, Doordarshan, and find this superhero spin a web for 15 mins over any villainous character that threatened to destroy earth. While Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra and Mithun Chakraborty were handling local, city or India level issues on bigscreen then, Spider-Man was saving the earth, week in, week out.

My son, Ishav, awaits Spider-Man these days – as the legendary animation hero graduated from comics to television to finally the big screen in 2002. This week’s release, Spider-man Homecoming at the theatres was father-son boys bonding date for us. And it was a decent movie to pass. Tom Holland’s character was really a friendly neighbourhood hero, still naive in spider tricks and sending a vital message to kids – School is important; Practice, till you perfect; Execute, only when you are ready.

Am not a science fiction fan and feel Hollywood makes them too complicated with excess scientific terms and (in this case) force fitting with Avengers series, it all tends to add up like the Saans Bahu mega tv-series running for decades on Indian television – only for commerce, commerce, commerce.  

Still some of director Jon Watts’s product scenes stood out – the ATM robbery, the ferry sequence and best of the lot, the tower rescue scene. Edgy, thrilling and fitted well with the story.  Those three sequences are worth the ticket money alone and overall I enjoyed this flick more than Despicable Me3 last month.

A sequel is coming out soon and this one was enjoyable. The crowd weren’t laughing much and were more in awe, but you would expect that of any Western product showcased to Asian audiences. The hall was 90% full – that 90% was also the level of confidence our Spider-man had while dealing with villains, but surprisingly dropped to half when facing his crush! 

Rating: 3.5/5 (Averaged with my son, Ishav. It’s a sure big screen watch with your kids)

My son as excited about Spider-Man today as I was in 1980s!

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