Movie Review: Jagga Jasoos – Bollywood’s La La Land deserves Jaa Jaa Watch!

I have always felt Indian film music is absolute world class quality and it’s presence makes our movies extremely unique to rest of the globe. In Jagga Jasoos, director Anurag Basu experiments making a musical thrill ride with exquisite visuals. 95% of the spoken words in the movie are through rhyming lyrics, and in 95% of the scenes, Ranbir Kapoor is the main draw. He is the Tintin, the Mera Naam Joker Raj Kapoor, the Barfi and soul. Jagga Jasoos’s  musical theme doesn’t seamlessly complement a plot riddled with mysteries, which makes the movie not much enjoyable for kids, as it’s one which deserves complete attention to details.


The movie also has its share of loopholes. How did Ranbir manage to pack chocolates in arms cartons? Where did he get chocolates in the middle of a desert near Moombaka? How did the authorities get the correct video cassette from the villains? And what was that last abrupt shot of Nawazuddin – a precursor to a sequel? 


However all such flaws are made up by unique concept, sincere efforts of makers, picturesque locations, dense greenery, meer cats stretching necks often, ostriches running and more, as our lead pair follow an Indiana Jones like trail from Manipur to Kolkata to Morocco (actual shooting locations – Thailand, Darjeeling, Morocco).


Katrina looks the doll, as always, but her selection to this project was during different circumstances – when she & Ranbir were a hot pair. For a thrill ride movie, right after I saw the When Harry Met Sejal trailer, I missed Anushka Sharma and her acting abilities a lot. Katrina has achieved lots in an industry unkind to foreigners and to not-so-fluent Hindi speakers. She has been role model for generation of foreigners coming into our industry – probably the only Indian industry that attracts decent percentage of outsiders. But Kat is more suited for glam doll roles, not ones with significant content.


Ranbir is in good form, and I wish this movie revives his falling stocks. For any audience, it’s not easy tolerating one face and one style (which does get monotonous at times) entire 163 minutes, but the Kapoor genes keep us interested and invested in the proceedings. 

Bengali star Saswata Chatterjee is fantastic in all his scenes.

Fortune favours the brave

Ultimately the winner for Jagga Jasoos is the heart and intent behind the project. It was a concept extremely tough to pull and I can now understand why the makers kept delaying, kept improvising, kept re-shooting etc. Imagine a musical which starts with the 1995 Purulia arms drop case, moves to mystery of a clock tower, then murder on the giant wheel, points to insensitivites in society and ends with real villains on earth who ‘Divide the world to sell their arms, and then sell their arms to divide the world’.  I left the hall in awe of the makers and happy that Bollywood is stepping up.

Rating: 4/5 (Must watch on big screen)

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