Singapore: Kooza Cirque Du Soleil – Is it worth your time and money?

Kooza Cirque Du Soleil is a 21st century circus show minus the animals and birds plus a superior level of acrobats and stunts. It’s currently running at Singapore. You can find details of the 2.5hr extravaganza show – ticketing, venue, route, timings etc all here. Here’s my crisp review and memorable pics.

The brilliant setup stage

Show duration: 1hr show + 30 mins interval + 1hr show.

Inside comfort: Despite makeshift theatre, the aircon is powerful inside the tent and very comfortable viewing. 5/5.

Perfect landing

Merchandise & Food: Available inside at reasonable prices as you get in movie Theatres. The merchandise prices are cheaper than what you get at ToysRUs & Kiddy Palace type of stores. 3/5.

The Stage: Brilliant use of sliding props, colours, lights. 5/5.

Great foot tapping music and multiple hoolahoop stunts

Humour: There are a set of clowns who keep coming in and going out and they are highlight of the show. People sitting on the front rows (expensive tickets) would have real ball of time with the jokers spraying pop corn, hi-fives, touching, calling up stage and joking. 4/5.

Comfort of seat: Too close to each other as it happens with makeshift (temporary) theatre arrangements. 2/5

Multiple people balancing over a cycle, with long sticks, over a rope some 50 feet above the ground
Acrobats & Skill levels: Astounding to say the least. Will leave you breathless. And a tad sorry to the extent performers  need to risk their lives to earn a living. 6/5.

Entrance & Exit: Very smooth as with all Singapore events. Security checks present but reasonable.

The best stunt!

Toilets: Excellent mobile toilets, very near and clean. The queues are long during interval, better to walk out in middle if urgent. You can return to your seat within 5-6 mins. 5/5.
Kids engagement level: Best for kids in 5yrs+, younger than that won’t have clue nor appreciate what’s happening. My kids found it 5/5.

Balancing on a pillar of wooden chairs

Adults engagement level: 4/5. Holds your interest long but there is a limit to acrobats and gymnastic stunts. It’s not any story format so don’t expect any continuous plot line. 4/5

Music: 5/5. Extremely high on energy foot tapping background music.

Value for money: This one is really tricky. The tickets cost between 70$ to 330$ and the best seats to enjoy are around the 160$ to 190$ mark. For a family of four it can get really expensive for one 2.5hr event. The value for money at normal prices would be 2/5, but at good discounted prices its good value. 

Look out for discounted tickets. I was lucky that my employer and world’s best digital bank (Euromoney Awards 2016) DBS Bank Ltd booked a whole show for employees and family. Hence it worked cheap for us. 

More than seven million people have watched Kooza. Kooza comes from the Sanskrit word Kosh – meaning a treasure box! The Cirque Du Soleil show will take you back to childhood caravan circus treasures. It’s running at Singapore till 27 Aug 2017.

Ticketing and more details:

Update 10 Aug: Some more pics clicked by my Friend Paula Liu

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