Movie Review: War for the Planet of the Apes is intense, engaging, must watch

The third sequel in the ‘Planet of the Apes’ trilogy – War for the Planet of the Apes – starts with an intense action sequence and then swiftly moves to extremely well setup dense jungles, waterfalls, muddy roads and dimly lit caves. The second half of this engaging flick moves to snow capped mountains, pine trees and a breathtaking avalanche capping off yet another intense fight sequence. In the 150 min long war amongst manipulative, arrogant and insecured humans versus the intelligent and kind hearted apes, the former stays the villain throughout.

Story in brief

Ceaser, leader of the apes, leads a strong battle versus the human troops. The ape army capture a few human soldiers but let them off as message of peace with firm hopes to put an end to war. The apes community then start moving to better (and safer) lands only to be thwarted and captured by human troops and imprisoned. Ceaser, the leader, with help of couple of friends and an abandoned little girl set out to rescue the apes. Ceaser is shown to be a warm, emotional leader with some streaks of recklessness. He gets captured, fights till the end, saves the apes but loses his life in the process.


With extravagant visuals, clarity in dialogues – accent and pace; edgy action action sequences, a few laughs and couple of emotional scenes, Matt Reeves directed War for the Planet of the Apes scores high on all key attributes. Kids above age of seven should be able to understand, immerse themselves and enjoy in this Ape-land joyride. The connect with audience is so high that at one instance, seeing the apes ride the horses, I started wondering if it’s time for a movie on horses to be made too. Twentieth century fox have come up with a great mix product. In performances, the lead Andy Serkis as Ceaser is terrific; so too Steve Zahn as Bad Ape, in providing the laughs.


Maybe ten mins shorter running time and addition of couple of chase sequences would have made this an absolutely perfect movie. Nevertheless it’s a must watch.

Message for kids

Be forgiving, be warm but always be prepared to face an adversary. Be kind to nice animals, the earth is big enough for all to coexist.

Rating: 4.25/5 (Averaged with my family)

IMDB reviewers rating: 7.9/10

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