Movie Recommendation: Kuttram Kadithal has a National Film Award for best feature film

A newly wed Christian teacher (to a Hindu husband) rejoins school with a pack of sweets. During the day, while substituting for another teacher, she slaps a mischievous boy, who surprisingly falls into a coma. That small incident turns lives of everybody inside out. Each staff of the school live in nervousness, the principle is paying all bills and sitting in hospital 24hrs,  the boy’s auto-driver uncle is seething for the teacher’s blood, stones are pelted towards the school and the opportunistic media is hounding like loan sharks. All this forces the repenting couple to escape from the city in highway trucks and take shelter in dingy hotels.

What happens next is for the viewer to find out in a story rich in content, high on pace, intricate on details and low on melodrama. First time director Bramma G, and indeed most of the fresh cast, get together to give an introspective product. Every character has been written with a lot of depth – you will fall in love with the school principal! And feel for all the other central characters – the teacher, the husband, the boy’s uncle and mother.

The settings are interior Chennai (excellent cinematography), the characters are real. These are everyday life stories. Where no side is really wrong. But forces us to think that every small act we do could have strong repercussions if goes out of hand. Be careful of your anger. This gem won National Film Award for best feature film in Tamil. Deservedly.

My Rating: 4/5 (Must watch)

IMDB viewers rating: 8.3/10


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