Football: The curious case of Benjamin Mendy

Just so you didn’t know yet, Frenchman Benjamin Mendy, is the most expensive football defender at 23 yrs old, after winning just one major trophy (Ligue 1 2016-17), being selected in Team of the year Ligue 1 2016-17 and costing £52 million to a club (Manchester City) who barely won six trophies this century! But that’s not the point of this post. Mendy is the sort of personality football needs and misses most! I have re-ignited my twitter handle only to follow his tweets.


If you ‘Google’ Benjamin Mendy, you are likely to read reactions to his tweets more than find any other valuable information about him. Off course we live in an age, where one tweet earns bread to many journalists – they make full articles off it! Mendy, that way, comes a saviour to the entire media craving for ‘masala’ in an age most stars prefer to have boring school boy images – Yes a lot of money rides on the likes of Messi, Hazard, Lewandowski, Aguero and the likes to risk any edginess in their personalities!

With Zlatan Ibrahimovic closing in on retirement at least on earth, Mendy will likely take over the baton of “Most entertaining off the pitch world-class footballer”.

Here are some ‘Mendyisms’ to lighten your day:

1.Welcome to EPL

Let’s talk on-field first. In his second English Premier league match, he clocked 6 crosses, 2 tackles, 2 take-ons, 1 assist and 68% time on opposition half. That he did it vs ten-man Liverpool makes it to headlines more. Remember English Premier League is the best, toughest, hardest and most physical in the universe! If you don’t believe it, hear how their commentators, experts, journalists keep repeating this line again and again in every show, article and blog. Every other football league exists only secondary to the British! So Mendy doing well in two matches there is worth more than 208 career matches he featured all his life!!!!

That big smile! Many more to come!

2. Crossing better

Having finished the Liverpool game, he calmly assessed himself.

“Crossing better than my English for now hahaha ????????????”

We would say, one of them is world class.

3. Boss got banter!

Mendy had ignored the just crowned Premier League champions (British media will tell you, that means world Champions), Chelsea, to join Manchester City over the summer. He wanted to work with Pep Guardiola. Last heard, they were both gelling well, with goalie Ederson! One felt, Ederson “may look more beautiful”, post recovery from Mane’s tackle, The other felt ‘Boss got banter!”


4. Welcome to Manchester!

Things weren’t the same before 🙂 On eve of his signing, he was driving in Paris, and confusing Mancunians!

Filming himself driving through the streets of Paris, Mendy Tweets “Manchester has changed Calm down everyone lol”.

5. Finding Mendy

Then after Manchester City’s thumping 4-1 win over Real Madrid in pre-season friendlies, he cracked one on himself…something with Zlatan would never do – in that way, Mendy, so far, is more funny than arrogant. After the win, Kyle Walker tweeted.

… with this photograph below. Mendy responded.

Could you spot Benjamin Mendy?

Ha Ha!

Scoreline Mendy 4 – 0 Rest of the world.

6. All the best for match vs Feyenoord

Last but not the least, Mendy tweeted this picture on eve of Manchester City’s UEFA Champions League group stage opener at Feyenoord. “Good training”.

Good training!! Really?

Mendy 5 – 0

Manchester City 5-0, for now!

How can you not love Benjamin Mendy? You can and hope he stays this way. World class on and off the field. Doesn’t become another Mario Balotelli head ache for Manchester City. The line is very thin – between a world class player serving for a decade, and one massive talent waste remembered only for histrionics and tantrums. There will be ups and downs, highs and lows. There will be success. There will be trophies. There will be adulation, fame, fortune. And the world needs more humour and humility. All need to co-exist. Like Thiery Henry did so successfully. Like Dani Alves perfected in. Mendy needs to model himself around them.


Mendy wasn’t the best defensive player for Manchester City last weekend vs Liverpool. It was Danilo Luiz. He was the only player in the (bestest, toughest, hardest!!) Premier League over the weekend, to complete 100+ passes. His passing stats – 115 attempted, 108 completed, 93.9% accuracy.

Two clean sheets, one assist in his first four Premier League games … and cost half of Mendy! Data never lies.

All the best #CmonCity #ManCity

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